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nice boy, daft though !
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Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
Also, via Bird in the Trees:

Deathwatch Kill Team Kit
Kit is built atop the Plastic Sternguard kit

Includes an additional Deathwatch sprue loaded with Killteam bits including:

– Over a dozen shoulderpads (Half Deathwatch logos, half various chapter logos)

– New Deathwatch heads

– Multiple Deathwatch equipment back/powerpacks

– Unique Killteam weapons (both shooting and assault)

– Deathwatch pouches, seals, etc, minor bits.
this would make me a happy bunny, sternguard are my most popular space marine kit at the moment and shoving another sprue in the box would just be gravy and throw in a kill team deathwatch codex/board game too would be extra special gravy with bits of meat in it.

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