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Originally Posted by Loli View Post
Glad Whirlwind are being squadroned. May not make them up to must haves but it makes them more attractive.
Until they become S6 and/or AP3 they're still near worthless. Giving them a S5 AP4 Ignores Cover Template would make them a lot more competitive along the lines of Wyverns. Compared to what a Wyvern throws out, (4 TL'd S4 Shred) Blasts, for the same cost, a Whirlwind throwing out a single S5 AP4 blast is ridiculously underpowered. Alternatively, give it 2 shots, or make it accurate on the move (perhaps a 2" guidance move to represent the high level AI warheads and allow it to fire as if the target was line of sight similar to how nuncio boxes work, THEN it's good.

It will be forever that way, because unlike AM, SM don't need much help to deal with T4, and if they do, well, a Thunderfire does the same, but better, and is no longer the glass cannon it once was.

Sorry to hear that that unit won't be coming 1-3.

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