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Callista listened to the story in silence, taking more time with her broth. All it took for her to swill down the last stale gulps was for the light to act up. It made her curious as to what her generator room was doing, or if someone had gotten into it. She watched the man run out, puzzling a moment as she pulled her thick gloves back on. Bowl was set aside, and she opted to pluck up a burning chair leg, if one was handy and able to be held onto without much fuss.

The light had bothered her eyes but that was perfectly fine - she'd cope. A few rubs with a free hand before she set off with the burning article - or another that was torch-worthy - and down the hall she went cautiously. She needed to search out something else but she wanted to work her way back to the generator room she'd come to a rest at in the first place. She'd be slow and quiet, keeping an ear out and the light held high to peer into the darkness, hoping to not need it as a weapon - hoping in all honesty that whatever it was had gone after the old man anyhow, and it wasn't headed her way. Pending she makes it, she'd likely try to hole up and barricade in for the time being to let the dust settle as she had before.
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