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Name - Helek Talos

Age - 153

Homeworld - Nostramo

Physical appearance - like all the others of his legion Helek displays the signs of his primarchs gene seed. Deep black eyes and deathly pale skin. His hair is dark jet black and is cut short to avoid it getting in the way during a fight. Dark networks of blue veins run across his flesh like a perverted jigsaw puzzle, this being caused by a childhood spent in perpetual darkness and the constant exposure to chemical waste in his hive. Without armour Herek stands at 7'1 and is comprised of lean muscle which suits his weapon of choice well...

Over a century of warfare has left its marks on his body. From deep chemical burns on his torso to the scarred knuckles from the brutal combat on istvaan 5. No part of him is left untouched. Herek's face is gaunt and retains some resemblance to the human he once was and doesn't take on the out of proportion shape of many other astartes. His lips are thin and seem to take on the appearance of a sly grin almost constantly.

Armour appearance - Herek wears a full suit of mark4 armour that is adorned with the trophies of his exploits. He prefers this version of power armour as it isn't as constricting as the older versions yet offers similar protection against many of the brutal weaponry of the 30th millennium... Even the bolter shells of the ones he once called brothers.

His armour is coloured the deep midnight blue of his legion and is decorated with stark white lightning bolts to strike fear into all that gaze upon him. On his chest he has the bones of his first kill proudly embedded into the ceramite... A trophy to remind him of the kill and to warn others of their impending death.

Herek's helmet is adorned with charms and the bones of small rodents from Nostramo. The cox grill has large teeth mounted into the space and the vox unit itself has been altered so that it makes his voice sound like tormented souls by releasing screams of terror and ecstasy.

Personality - Much like the others of his legion Herek has a cold and calculated view on life. He feels no empathy and cares not the lives of humans, xenos and astartes a like. Even before the heresy he was killing fellow brothers in the fighting rings of the night lords battle barges. His belief was that space marine would fight space marine eventually... It was just a matter of time. He cares nothing for his superiors and he often fights for himself, only following the orders if ordered so by the primarch himself. This has led to a lot of distrust towards him but on countless occasions he has shown himself to be a reliable soldier and warrior.

Marine class - Veteran Marine

Background - Born on the world of perpetual darkness Nostramo, Herek learned from s young age that to get anywhere in life you had to just take it... Nothing would ever go your way if you didn't rise up and take it. This was shown when he was 10 years old and he killed a debt collector that had been terrorising his family for years. He waited for the man to come to the door of his dwellings before brutally killing him with a hammer.

Tales of the night haunter didn't scare him. He didn't just not fear death. He welcomed it. So if this night haunter wanted to come for him so be it. Not long after he killed the debt collected Helek's family was lost when his section of the hive collapsed into the destabilise ground of Nostramo. This left the angry young man on the deadly streets of the hive city. Years passed and Helek learned... He learned how to steal and defend himself against anything that was thrown at him. He ended up getting involved in gang violence before the night lords legion began recruiting. Seeing him as a good option for an astartes he was taken by the superhumans to become one of their ranks.

Once he was in the legion he rose through the scout ranks and reached full blown astartes at a rapid speed. His superiors noted the use of fear that Herek employed and we're pleased with it to say at least and he was swiftly drafted into the ranks of the first claw. When the night haunter returned the legion to witness Nostramo's final moments Herek felt nothing but shame towards the planet of his birth. He believed that the planet deserved it after slipping back into its horrible ways and ruining everything that had been done to change it for the better.

When the heresy began and the night lords headed towards the istvaan system he was itching to spill the blood of his brothers. Ready to show them what fear really was!
After making planetfall he waited until the order to open fire on the remaining loyalists which had just survived the slaughter. He took in the scene of astartes bodies blowing apart with bolter impacts and revelled in the utter destructive force of legions destroying themselves. During the course of the battle Herek was forced to ditch his chainaxe due to the action being clogged with gore. He recovered a nostroman chainglaive and he has been using it to this day.

Weapons - bolter
- Nostroman Chainglaive

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