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Here's Veptus. He is as of yet unchanged from the other recruitment threads. When I get a chance I'll edit the stuff from Isstvan in, but that won't be until Wednesday at the earliest. Still, if nothing else it'll be a place holder.

Name: Corpse-Master Veptus Szlan

Age: 156

Homeworld: Nostramo

Physical Appearance: Veptus’ appearance is one of a madman. His eyes are gleam with the light of glee and madness. His mouth is almost always open in a partial smile. His oak brown hair is shaved close to his head and is patchy in places and in lines where Veptus has sustained scars and so hair no longer grows there. His left ear looks like a bite was taken out of it long ago, as the wound has since healed but the flesh has not returned. He has a goatee as well. He stands a respectable 7’3” without his armour on, although he has less muscle than would generally be observed on an Astartes of any legion. The last two digits on his right hand have been replaced with bionics which Veptus had styles in the appearance of human bones. Indeed, he often grinds the bones of his foes and uses the dust to give them an authentic colour. His white skin is pulled tight over his muscles and bones.

Armour Appearance: Veptus favours the newer Mark V armour to any other and so requested an entire set of it. Some has been taken from the fallen and some has been made, but Veptus has been fortunate to acquire it all. His helmet has a skull with elongated canines painted on with wings which fold back close to the helmet crafted on. These are the colour of dried blood and have short chains of eyes hanging from them. These are obviously perishable and even though Vaptus keeps them preserved out of battle, he often has to acquire new ones. A full human rib-cage is splayed across his chest and his left shoulder-guard bears the legion’s insignia and his right bears the double helix of his office. Painted lightning runs down his arms. The blood red wings of the legion are painted on his thighs. They meet at his knees which have a skull mounted on each. The jaw moves with each step meaning that when stalking a foe they can hear the sound of death coming for them. It is possible for him to move silently, as sometimes this is necessary, but Veptus enjoys the ability to taunt his enemy without speaking. Half a spine is mounted to each shin. Veptus also has a cloak made of the flayed faces of his victims. What is remarkable about this is that Veptus will only add the faces he had flayed from living victims to the cloak.

Personality: In stark contrast to his appearance, Veptus is everything that anyone would desire in an Apothecary. He is thoughtful and methodical, although his takes a cruel glee his work on his brothers as much as on his enemies. He has fully embraced the teachings of their Primarch and believes that much of humanity is unworthy and must be forced into submission through fear. But, such a perspective is not uncommon for one who still remembers the days when he would be told to watch for the Night Haunter. Another product of that is that Veptus is far less inclined to insubordination and far more ready and willing to follow orders. He is able to keep his head under the most dire of situations, which is also a useful trait for an apothecary to possess.

Marine Class: Apothecary

Background: One of the earliest memories Veptus has is of his mother tucking him into bed while his father was assisting the gang which was prominent in their area. She told him to be careful when he walked the streets, for the greatest dangers were not the gangs or the enforcers, but Night Haunter. Back then that phrase meant nothing to Veptus other than certain death for all those who had done wrong. Not a few years ago had great ships come bearing a being whose light had burnt the eyes of the inhabitants of such a sunless world as Nostramo. The Overlord had left with them and they had been recruiting boys about 9 years older than Veptus was at the time.

Veptus watched as Nostramo devolved back to its pre-Night Haunter ways. Gang warfare went from underground affairs to public ones. Crime rose exponentially and people forgot the message of fear that Veptus had been taught as a child. Veptus was swept up in the plans and affairs of the gangs, particularly the one his father was employed by. It was here that Veptus first met Xandrek, although he would not learn the significance of the man until later. Xandrek was the son of the Gang Overlord whom his father served. Both sons had a habit of accompanying their fathers to work in order to assist. Veptus served as little more than a skivvy for his father, cleaning and collecting the necessary equipment. Several time the Overlord would personally visit Veptus's father to check the status of a injured, high-ranking gang member whom he was tending to or to be given information 'obtained' which Veptus's father did not trust a courier with. It was through these meeting that Veptus first me Xandrek, although to call them friends would be a gross exaggeration.

He took after his father as a one of the gang’s medics, although in truth his position was two-fold. He also doubled as one of the gang’s torturers. In his position, he extracted information and made deserters suffer for their betrayal. He took great pleasure in his work and made it into an art-form. He also had his fair share experience on the battlefield and learnt to handle firearms and became able bodied enough that when the trails to become a member or the Eighth occurred that his reasonable prowess combined with his near encyclopaedic knowledge of anatomy meant he was able to defeat any foe which he faced and so became a member of the Night Lords.

Fate brought Xandrek and Veptus together again. Since Xandrek was only two years older than himself, Veptus and Xandrek ended up in the same recruiting pool. They served together on several missions as scouts for the Night Lords and quickly got acquainted, far better than back on Nostramo. Although it was clear to both where the other was heading. Xandrek ambition was blindingly clear to Veptus. His father had wielded power and Veptus knew that Xandrek was determined to do the same. Likewise, it was clear to Xandrek that Veptus first passion was torture and flesh-smithing. Although both competent Astartes, after they became full battle brothers and they started to walk their various paths, neither made a special effort to keep contact with one another, save when their paths happened to cross.

Once a member of the Night Haunter’s legion, Veptus was thrilled. He found a legion of men who had not forgotten what terror and subjugating populaces into obedience meant. He had found a collection of like-minded agents of terror. However, the satisfaction he felt from holding surgical tools and dissecting people to cause maximum pain and suffering. He spent large portions of time in the Apothecium, just to be around the smell of blood and to marvel at un-pulped organs. Much of his knowledge of human anatomy meant he was not just an irritating pair of watching eyes. However, he required training to be able to work with trans-human anatomy. But Veptus’s prior knowledge plus is natural affinity for it meant that the existing Apothecaries of the Night Lords were happy to provide such training.

Veptus became an Apothecary attached to the Fourth Company and had many successes with them. His skill with the blade was profound and he was able to save many Night Lords from receiving “The Emperor’s Grace”. He was largely indifferent as to who lead them, as long as he got to do what he loved. When Xandrek challenged the previous captain to a Murder Duel, Veptus was too engrossed in his art to even come and watch his old acquaintance best his previous captain. It wasn't until Xandrek accompanied the body of the slain Captain down to the Apocatherion and requested that Veptus personally do the autopsy of the fallen Night Lord, something Veptus took great pleasure in doing. Xandrek ordered the captain’s gene-seed destroyed as an act of contempt and Veptus had happily obliged. It was good to see that his old acquaintance had finally obtained the authority he had coveted back when they had been in training together.

When Xandrek’s personal champion took and axe-blow to the chest, it had been Veptus who had restored him to health, and many other members of the First Claw. Such proficiency, and their previous relationship, gained Veptus recognition by his Captain to the extent that Xandrek made him an official attachment to the First Claw. Since then many of the battlefield wound which the First Claw have had repaired bear the mark of Veptus. He has even healed Xandrek several times.

The title of Corpse-Master was given to Veptus by Xandrek after the events of Ghurst Prime. It was a agri-world brought into compliance by the White Scars some eighty years ago, but had recently with-held their tithes to the Imperium. The Night Lords had other battles to fight, but Konrad Curze charged the Fourth Company with bringing this world. Xandrek was anxious to get back to their Primarch and so wished to resolve it quickly. Upon landing on the planet Xandrek mobilized the majority of his forces to surround the palace where the highest echelons of the rebels were held with their families. However, at night Xandrek sent his First Claw on various objectives.The others were missions involving sabotage and assassination of military commanders. Veptus' was an open ended one to simply inspire terror into the civilians, particularly the rebellious governor.

The others achieved their objectives within a few hours, but Veptus did not return. He did not answer vox hails and his signal went dark. Some feared the worst. However, when the sun rose, the armies were arranged along the ledge. Xandrek was surprised to see that the men would fight them after such a night. However, as the Fourth Company went to go to war, the entrance opened. The inside of the doors were lined with the bodies of the families of the highest members of the rebel society. Their children had been flayed of all their skin, their wives ripped open from the groin. Even their servants were pinned, splayed, lacerated and flayed. The remarkable thing was, none of them were dead. The doors emitted a wall of sound in tune to the low moan of all the victims. Vaptus stood in the doorway with the governor and advisers at his sides. He paraded them out. His voice called out over an amplified vox "People of Ghurst, what is your answer?" As one, the men on the walls turned their guns on the rebel leaders and killed them and then threw down their weapons. In a single night, Veptus' skill at torture had made these men walk willingly to their deaths and combined with his brothers other works had lead the world back to compliance. Xandrek forbade anyone from taking down the bodies of Veptus' victims from the walls as a reminder to the next governors of what would happen if they rebelled. As for Veptus, Xandrek gave him the title of Corpse-Master.

After Cheraut, when the Night Lords had burned Nostramo, Veptus watched as the world burned. He stood on the bridge and watched the planet’s mantle split asunder. His primary thought was not one of remorse or sadness, but that he wished that he could have watched the light go out in each individual’s eyes, as the kill was always more satisfying that way. After that, once again it was straight back to work in the Apothecium.

Weapons: Volkite Serpenta, Sniper Rifle, Power Sword

Equipment: Frag and Krak Grenades, Weapons Scope, Narthacirum, Flaying Knife

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