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Have been looking for a Wh40k roleplay for a while, I hope I'm not intruding. (Since I'm a brand new member and all). Looking forward to participating in this roleplay (if my character is deemed acceptable).

Name: Angelus Mors

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Vocation: Adeptus Arbites Riot Police (therefore proficient with batons / swords / poles

Appearance: Angelus is a 200cm tall terran male with a slim but toned body and relatively pale skin (considering the lower hives don't get much sunlight). He has jet black medium long hair which he gives a wild look by running his fingers through them with gel. His eerily dark brown eyes creep some people out but his slender face is considered handsome by most. His skin has no blemishes and he also seems to have no facial hair growth. Since the event Angelus has not worn anything other than his matt black Arbites carpace armour, though he seems to have lost his Riot helmet and shield sometime since the event, because he is only ever patrolling with an unprotected head and only armed with an electric shock baton. (Reasonable considering he was on duty as the event happened and had only his Riot gear with him). Angelus' armour is relatively heavy compared to PDF or IG armour and resistant to most types of small-arms fire. It is made up of reinforced carpace plates and leather (which are all black).

Personality: Since his childhood Angelus has been known to be a mysterious character. He has a calm cool manner about him and yet walks and talks with complete authority. Some even call him arrogant and snobbish because he rarely joins in on conversations or socializes with anyone. Other Arbiters dislike him because of how he seems to look down on them and on account of his many sexual conquests with the female Arbiters. Angelus has never had and seems to not want a relationship. He has no bond of friendship with any person in the hive and only looks out for himself. He approaches problems only from the rational and logical side, rarely showing or bringing any emotion in to it. In that respect many of his colleagues compare him with a tech priest or a space marine. Angelus is seen by many as cruel (nearly every violent uprising where Angelus was on duty involved with him taking down several civilians and wounding them severely.) One must however also note that he is also the only Arbiter in the Riot Police without a single fatality to his name. His superiors have also noted the fact and realize that he is merely strict and efficient, not a sadist.

History: Angelus' didn't have the most normal childhood. He was accepted as an orphan in to the Schola Progenium at an early age and from there was chosen to be an Arbiter. Though he never knew his parents he liked to imagine that they were some sort of great warriors who died serving the Imperium (which could well be possible since he was a Schola Progenium student). In the Arbites he was well liked by the women (with whom he also had several flings) and disliked by the men because of his calm cool manner. After completing the Schola he was immediately put in Riot Police because he had the elegance and skill to inflict non-fatal wounds with his baton and yet the strength to hold off a violent mob (possibly also because his personality frightened his male superiors). During the event Angelus was in a squad assigned to watch the mobs of people watching the gigantic public pict casts of Emperor Ascension day. When suddenly the lights went out the whole crowd went in to a panic and Angelus' squad were overrun immediately. He managed to escape the chaos though (losing his shield and helmet in the process) and tried to get back home. However as he approached his hab block he heard shrill screams and decided that it would most likely be better if he looked for shelter elsewhere. Since the event Angelus has been seen patrolling in the street in a confident manner, simply confiscating food (by force if necessary) when he needs it. One must add thought that he only confiscated the minimum that he needs and has never applied force for the mere joy of it. Added to that Angelus has struck down on criminals whenever he meets them, seemingly upholding the Law and his duty as Arbiter. He is a nomad, patrolling from block to block and seeking shelter wherever he can find some. Angelus has a very skewed sense of justice for an Arbiter and mainly looks out for himself (for example during and after the event he mainly focused on his own survival, not helping anyone around him no matter how much they pleaded). However Angelus still has a clear sense of good and evil and cracks down on any who would dare to defy Imperial law.

- Arbites stun Baton
- Battery Pack inserted in Baton, full charge (Angelus never had to resort to anything other than his physical skills until now)
- Protective Vest (I guess this fits best to Angelus' Carpace armour)
- Insulated Boots

If I forgot anything / you guys have any suggestions or questions please do post them.

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