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Originally Posted by SonOfStan View Post
Whereas your "normal" Chaos-worshipping world probably venerates different aspects of the gods (Khorne as a noble warrior, Slaanesh as an artist, Tzeentch as a wise prophet, Nurgle as a loving parental figure), if all you ever do is shoot people in the face with a bolter, you're naturally going to have a one-dimensional view of whatever gods you worship.
I think it's in Horus Rising, pre-Davin, that the Luna Wolves come across what otherwise looks like a well-ordered planet that's all for integration with the Imperial Truth. Until, that is, they have to give up their annual celebration where thousands are marched into the underground Chaos-infused chamber of death. Otherwise, the society looks pretty hunky-dory.

Not to digress from the OP too much, but your comment made me remember.

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