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Originally Posted by Count_the_Seven View Post
That's your response?

Earlier posts noted how a core storyline could be developed in a relatively short series, with spin offs and side stories coming later.

The HH model is a mirror-image of this. In Y1 we had three releases, in this last month ALONE there have been four, across a range of formats - some re-releases, others new, some both together!

As I said, I'm not going back over it, as readers can dip in and out of this thread freely without the same thing being said over and over again.


Spin offs? THis is the chance to flesh out the heresy once and for all. Sure the shorts and anthologies released are annoying, but they are not nessesary to getting the full experience. Right now we are getting to events that have never been covered before, and the amount of new lore coming off is great.

According to you we should have - Horus rising, Battle of istvaan, Seige of terra. Or is that still to long of a series for you?

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