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Originally Posted by Count_the_Seven View Post
I'm not going to argue the case again, though I will summarise below, but I feel my point is well made by me and many others in this thread. I still receive the Black Library e-newsletters, and from these:

- Friday 17th April: Corax: Soulforge Ė Hardback, eBook, MP3. No paperback, no mass market paperback.
- Friday 10th April: Garro: Knight Errant box set, including a new MP3. I have all of these already, the MP3 cannot be added to my collection unless I buy the new collection.
- Monday 30th March: The Imperial Truth, published on eBook. Again, I donít have this for my book collection
- Friday 27th March: Raptor, MP3

Now, my comments are noted on each, where I think it's worthwhile. But these are all from the past three weeks or so.

So, to recap on the problems:

- Volume: the number of publications has become too great to keep up with
- Format: there are now a ridiculous number of formats and limited edition, limited access, or format-specific releases
- Complexity: the number and variety of formats makes it difficult to stay in touch with the many storylines, plots and characters
- Story Progression: the story is not progressing, we are book 30(+?) and are nowhere near the conclusion. We now have the excellent "Talon of Horus" coming after and filling in some gaps. What would have been better was to have a shorter main story and then branches coming later - we all know the outcome, so get on with it!
- Money: it's hard to see past the argument that the HH is a cash cow

People who want to continue, can, this isn't about forcing or coercing others: this thread, well argued and reasoned by myself and others, is about why I - and other former HH readers - have called it a day.

"We all know the outcome so get on with it!"

Throne....sometimes the journey is better then the destination

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