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The only two things I am annoyed at are Dscythes and the pricing of the Wraithknight.

Dscythes, even with their -1 on the D table, will still obliterate any tank/MC effortlessly. Sure, the wraithcannons can do that to, but at least you have to roll to hit with them...

And the Wraithknight? It makes the Tesseract Vault, Lord of Skulls and Imp. Knights look like a fucking joke. At I5, the Lord of Skulls and Imp. Knights won't even get a chance to swing before being taken apart (assuming the sword is being used). And I realize the the point of the Vault is different from the others, as they are CC machines, but its still nearly double the points of a WK for something that fires a random attack, that might not even be what you need.
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