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Originally Posted by elmir View Post
This thing got pumped to gargantuan creature... that means it gets stomp, FnP, poison only on 6+, instant death now only does D3 wounds, split fire...
Just glad I have deathmarks now to wound on a 2+ the turn they come in

On a more serious not, look at the major power creep of necrons, then look at the fact deamonkin can get free bloodthirsters, and how Skitarrii are all over the shop before the game has even begun.

At the end of the day I think this will be like fliers all over again. We all panicked and though shit how am I going to deal with that, and now when they appear we are like cool lets get on with this. From the way Codexes are going at the moment I wouldn't consider it all that bad, I mean again going back to necrons, they laugh at the fact that you have strength D, they are still getting 5+++ anyway if they have a decurion and they have enough to get on with killing the thing anyway (see barges or lychguard). Granted yes most codicies won't have a clear method of bringing it down, but we haven't seen the rest of the codex yet nor what the core formations contain that will then allow you to take several.

I'm not worried about it, as I haven't played it yet. If after a couple of months there is still no hope then yes its silly, buT Iexpect from the way 7th has been going I would expect this to be average.

Me: To be honest im amazed there isn't a chaos god of not revising or at least chaos god of procrastination

MidnightSun: There will be, when enough people do it. Y'know when the Eldar were all engaging in their hedonism and Slaanesh ripped open the Eye of Terror with his creation? Slaanesh will have NOTHING on the God of Procrastination, and his vile minions will carve the galaxy asunder in a thousand year reign of blood.... Tomorrow
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