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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Yeah, sure, the sky is fucking falling and everyone should just give up now because their underpowered factions obviously have no hope of beating the retarded bullshit fucking neckbeard WAAC faction that isn't even released yet.
I'm not saying the sky is falling. It's just going to be very, very... hard to play Eldar players who field substantial amounts of Wraith. People already talk about refusing to play lists made up of 3+ Knights; 3+ Wraithknight Eldar might just get the same treatment from a sizeable minority player base.

Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
Well, actually i didn't won. Our bet was on the "Assault", so actually we both lost. However, this is the FIRST ever direct interaction between a non flyer and a zooming model...
A compromise: both of you pick avatars for each other!

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