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Originally Posted by Gret79 View Post

Looks like you won - hawks moving 18" and getting to haywire a flyer is more than I ever thought they'd get so you were easily more accurate than I was. But now I get to pull my hawks out of retirement
And now I need to go buy another squad of guardians and dire avengers. Da with a bs of 5 for a turn and three shots each once per game - I might actually beat a tactical squad with that
I actually think I can go back to using aspect warriors again.
Scorpions getting stealth and shrouded until they fight is interesting especially if the aspect formation gives them ws5

And Neferhet do your worst
Well, actually i didn't won. Our bet was on the "Assault", so actually we both lost. However, this is the FIRST ever direct interaction between a non flyer and a zooming model...

I couldn't really be ok with my soul to decide your avatar...unless you want to use this pic

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