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I've been neglecting the forums, but not my hobby!

Here is a brief rundown of what I've been working on...

Inquisitorial Retinues

I wanted to do all 3 Ordos, each with a unique style and colour pallet and have a really fun time with the models...

Ordo Hereticus

Ordo Malleus

Ordo Xenos

Space marines!

As I've mentioned before, I do two scales of Marines. My normal chapter marines are in a slightly taller Truescale, while my deathwatch are even taller still, something I call SuperScale.


I've done 3 full tactical squads, a full assault squad and a full devestator squad. I have enough bits to get up to 60 tactical marines, and the legs are in the works.

All the completed squads mentioned above are totally painted! I've uploaded a small sample:

I've also done these lovely grey knights in the same scale

My last 6 Deathwatch are a slight work in progress.But I'm happy so far.

aaaand this is a DKK commissar I painted up for my guard!

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