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Yeah it was a very tight match. There were just a few turns where things really swung back into the Ultramarines side. My biggest worry was getting tied up by either unit of Raveners, or the Gargs moving so fast, so I tried to castle my cents in the corner and control that corner with my drop pods as mobile reinforcements.

Also yes it is my collection, and I really liked the list Gord went with. It was fun and honestly kind of troublesome to handle. Not having the dice on camera masked how the game went too. The first two turns were rough for me, but on the third and fourth turns my dice decided to come out hawwwt and take control of the game.

Definitely look for more of these batreps as I find the funner games are the ones with that sort of random out of the box list. I am expanding my Nid collection too, so hopefully I'll have some new things out soon enough.

Again, many many many thanks for watching and the feedback. We love discussing out matches!

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