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The Aces box sets are excellent resources - two TIE Interceptors or a B-Wing and an A-Wing for Rebels, with loads of upgrades and stuff for 10 per ship or less.

If you're looking for strong in-game performance then Falcons, YT-2400s and Decimators have all been good recently, but also Scum and Villainy has thrown a spanner into the works and shaken the game up a lot with what is considered "good". A pair of IG-2000s (Aggressors) is solid, as are Firesprays.

Ultimately as you build up your collection, you'll probably end up getting one of everything sooner or later in order to access all the upgrade cards and pilots. To start with, buy what looks cool or fun, and work out how you like to play.

If you like synergy with multiple overlapping abilities, Rebels do that well. If you like agile, difficult to kill ships that work independently of each other, then Imperials are a better bet. If you fancy a combination of the two, Scum has aspects of both.

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