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Default Wargaming Club in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

Hi all,

for info. there is a wargames club in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK.

We meet at the Seagull Theatre in Pakefield, Lowestoft on Fridays from 7-7.30 to late.

Bolt Action, Saga, 40K and WFB are the main rulesets used with Flames of War, Force on Force and a many, many others also being played.
Anything is welcome - we've played Battletech, Wings of War, Bloodbowl, Space Hulk and Full Thrust.

Cost is 3 per week if you play a game, 1 if you just paint etc and is free for the first week for new members.
We are currently running an over 16 policy but those younger are welcome with an adult to accompany them (beware strong language when a player starts losing though!).

The club has a core membership of around 15 with numerous others turning up as and when.
We're all a friendly bunch of guys who will make you very welcome.

Our facebook page is here (check out the photos):


If you need more information then please e-mail me [email protected] (preferred) or PM me here, on B&C or on Warseer (but note I don't check any PMs too often).

Hope to see you soon!

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