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Asmodai - Underhive Thieves

“Ok, stop me if you've heard this one. A human, a ratling and an ogryn walk into a vault with almost zero information. They are never seen again.”

“That's not funny.”

“Then why are we doing it!?” the ratling Samual asked exasperated, his head darting around nervously.

“Will you just trust me?” his human partner Riley replied, shooting him his irritatingly charming smile that had been painstakingly perfected over the last ten years.

“Why? Because that's always worked out so well for me before?”

“Well Rok trusts me, don't ya big guy.”

The third member of the party, the huge ogryn clad in poorly stitched together rags grunted in a manner Riley had always taken to be approval.

“See.” Riley added smugly.

“Well of course the ogryn does, he's an idiot!”

Rok turned, reached back and gripped one huge hand around the back of Samual's shirt, hoisting him effortlessly from the ground.

“Towards whom I have only the utmost of respect.” Samual added hurriedly. This satisfied Rok enough to return him to the ground.

“Knock it off, we're here.” Riley said.

Down in the underhive's of Rysis II one would pass many an unmarked door with no clue as to what lay behind them and if one was smart, they wouldn't ask either. This was one such door, tucked away at the bottom of a dirty narrow alleyway, not far from the main market square.

“This is it?” Samual asked disbelievingly.

“This is it.” Riley confirmed.

“Doesn't look like much.”

“That's the idea.” Riley said and started feeling what appeared to be bare rockcrete wall. “A-ha.” he said a moment later as his thumb depressed what looked like a loose stone which in turn revealed a small round scanner. “Keep watch.” Riley said, gesturing back towards the market. The other two looked away as the human removed a small moist package and held it up towards the scanner, then quickly tucked it away.

“What was that?” Samual asked.

“What was what?”

“That. In your pocket. Was that an eyeball?”


Samual pulled at his hair to keep from screaming. “What the Throne are we doing Riley? No, that's it I'm out.” he said, throwing his hands into the air and walking away.

“No, Sam, I need you.” Riley hissed.

“What for?”

“You'll see, come on.”

Rok pushed open the heavy metal door and led them into a long bare chamber. It was dark aside from the light of a half dozen dull glow globes spaced evenly down each side of the chamber. The floor was covered in large hexagonal tiles. Riley stopped just through the door and Samual made to step past him.

“Stop.” Riley said, placing a firm hand down on the ratling's shoulder.

“What is it?”

“Pressure plates.” Riley said, gesturing to the tiles.

“Oh right, let me guess. They're rigged for human weight and I won't set them off. Is that it?”

“No, they're very sensitive. It's just that Rok can throw you further than me.”

“What? Riley you son-of-a-aaa!?”

Before he could finish his cursing Samual had been hefted up by two three trunk arms and thrown head first down the length of the chamber, impacting with a loud dull thud as his shoulder hit the wall at the other end. The ratling groaned as he got to his feet and reached for the stocky autopistol at his hip.

“Whoa, don't be hasty short stuff.” Riley called out after him. “I know where the shut down is. If you shoot me you'll be stuck over there.”

He didn't hear a response but the ratling took his hand off the gun and allowed himself to be directed to a hidden switch. A faint electrical buzz that none of them had previously registered, stopped and the rest of the party crossed the first chamber and passed into the next. As they entered, brighter glow globes activated and bathed the room in a warm orange light. It was the same width as the previous room but much shorter. All around the edges were trinkets and heirlooms of obvious value, but one object dominated the room. In the centre of the rear wall atop a waist high marble plinth was a small black box with complex looking lock. As Riley approached the plinth, Samual and Rok examined the assorted treasures. The ratling picked up a golden pocket watch, inspecting in admiringly. Then he noticed the seal embossed on the back.

“Who did you say we were stealing from?” he asked.

“Um, Romero, someone...” Riley said dismissively.

“Romero? As in Romero Eiman? Of House Eiman? As in the nobles that run half of Rysis II, House Eiman?”

“Oh so you've heard of them?”

“That's it, we're done here.” Samual declared, heading towards the plinth. “If this is what you're after then let's go.”

“No wait I need to-” Riley said desperately, but it was too late. Samual had lifted the box. “Deactivate the sensor.”

The lights changed from orange to red and unseen panels on each side of the plinth opened up. A pair of heavy gun servitors emerging.

“Oh Throne.” Samual cursed.

“You are trespassing on House Eiman property. The Adeptus Arbites have been contacted. Remain still until they arrive.” The Servitors announced in unison.

“Um, no. Run!” Riley yelled, drawing a smoke grenade from the inside of his jacket and throwing it to the ground. In a second the room was filled with thick grey smoke. The trio fled, chased by streams of heavy stubber fire. Leading the way, Rok shouldered through the first door, almost taking it off it's hinges and the trio were clear. Moments later and they were just three more faces in the crowd of the markets.

Another day in the life of an underhive thief.
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