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Originally Posted by Phoebus View Post
I'm not a big fan of McNeil's, but you're mixing up your authors here. It's Saur Damocles who has the "figure-of-eight serpent emblem", and the tie-in there is between Abnett's Know No Fear and Brothers of the Snake. Mileage will obviously vary on how much a reader might like this sort of tie-in, but I was happy to see a Chapter's hitherto unknown origins revealed.
I know that? That's why I gave it as an example as a hint.

As opposed to "Guys, guys, I'm not giving anything away, but here's an entire book dedicated to creating a character in another book that might have had Iron warriors in it. With an Imperial Fist in it. Oh, an his name's a horribly contrived "Honourable Soulaka, you'll never guess who".

It says a lot that I can't really explain the rest of what happens in Angel Exterminatus other than that.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
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