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Dr. Holst moved onwards, calling out to the orange dressed woman yet to no avail. He kept walking, hoping that when he would reach the junction ahead he will not be greeted by a bullet, or something worse.
As he kept moving he started hearing something, it resembled a loud thud followed by a squishing sound, as he moved faster the sounds were intensifying around him, turning into a cacophony of grunts and shouts. The sound he heard earlier was most definitely that of meat squishing.
Upon arriving at the junction he was greeted by a gruesome scene, the woman he saw before was chasing down a crawling man, he tried to scramble to his feet, his eyes, clearly wide and bloodshot, a common sign to drug abuse, which was not that surprising in the underhive. Samuel couldn't even begin to count the times he had to treat addicts or save them from an OD...
Opposed to the crawling man the woman seemed to now sport a dent in her helm, a metallic stud was lodged there, most likely a bullet. It seemed that the woman was looking for this guy, as he kept pondering the situation the man turned and stood up, quickly drawing a relatively rusty knife and trying to protect himself with it. This was obviously not going to end well for the man, as the woman in orange swung her wrench furiously at him, clipping him in the shoulder and sending him spinning face down towards the ground.

Quick steps caught Samuel's attention, looking back he saw the fluttering shape of a child turning around the corner, disappearing towards the room he slept in, "shit" he muttered, Kirai must have gotten scared hearing the scuffle unfolding.
Holst turned his attention back to the fight in front of him, he was unsure of how to proceed, both sides seemed to ignore him, he could help any of them, he could move past them, though, if the situation was not defused now both Kirai and him risk getting caught in the same situation again.

He did not like what he was about to do, but desperate times... The woman was obviously the stronger contender, the only way he would gain her trust is by doing something for her, and sadly, that something, involved the other person in the room.
Samuel would have never done something like that under normal circumstances but everything changed, he came to the realization that the new world, created in the wake of the "Event" did not have room for remorse or a strict moral code, sometimes... You have to survive...

He snuck as quietly as he could, he was not a coward, but he was not used to participating in fights, at least nothing as bloody as that, he doubted anyone could say they did not fight ever in the Underhive.
He unsheathed his knife, slowly, deliberately, he had after all a surgeon's precision. He waited around the corner as the battle got closer and closer, the man barely defending against the woman's onslaught.
And as they rounded around the corner Holst jumped out slashing at the mans leg, around where the artery should have been.
He screamed in surprised as Holst drove the blade inside his leg, panicking Holst let out a scream as well, leaving the blade lodged in his leg instead of pulling it out... He was not a fighter obviously.
The woman did not hesitate for a moment and pressed her assault.

Samuel coward back into the shadows, hoping against hope that he did the right thing, he might have made a better equipped ally, but he might have met a new enemy just as well. He could not know.
Now he will just have to watch the scene unfold...
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