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Ah, embracing Unbound. One thing--adding up the points you've listed, I come out to 1835, not 1960--am I missing something?

Originally Posted by chaoes View Post
Elites-Blood Crusher of Khorn x9-180
Elites-Blood Crusher of Khorn x9-180
Um, again, you've listed "9 members in this squad" with enough points to buy 4 of the minis in the squad (kinda like the other list). It's an interesting quirk, I guess, but I can't help but wonder what prompts it.

I'd at the very least use Banners of Blood on those Bloodcrushers, so that Skarbrand can Deep Strike in (without scattering) rather than having to walk up the board like mere Infantry, being shot at the whole time.

If I were looking at this list, I'd be tempted to take Be'lakor, since he can cast Shrouding and give all those Khornate FMCs a 2+ jink save.

I'd also buy 2 Greater Rewards on the Bloodthirster and DPs, for the shot at great rolls like +1W and IWND, or 4+ FNP, or Armorbane and Fleshbane. If they get something like "3+ armor" then, well, you swap it for a Blade of Blood that gives the fellow Rampage--yay extra attacks! And on the Thirster, who has another Specialist Weapon (the Axe of Khorne), that's another attack for haveing 2 Specialist Weapons. Might as well buy Lesser Rewards for the Princes too, then to swap for an Axe of Khorne or Lesser Etherblade--if only for that bonus 2 SW attack.

Still, that's a lot of points, Be'lakor especially--hard to say where they'd come from, even if the list costs less than it looks like.

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