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This is going to be very WIP at the moment but I wanted to get it in there.

Name: Oren Ramaer

Age: 164

Chapter of Origin: Red Hunters

Type of Marine: Battle Brother

Personality: Oren is mostly quiet and reserved. He speaks little and when he does it is usually quietly. He is cynical and sarcastic with a sharp tongue that will regularly lash at those he does not respect and his respect is difficult to obtain. He has little time for the brash, loud or arrogant and will attempt to undermine boisterous behaviour and cocky declarations at any opportunity. Naturally instead he respects the quiet, humble and pious. Even so, it takes him a long time to warm to any Astartes outside of his own Chapter.

Being a Red Hunter he holds members of the Inquisition in high regard but only the Inquisitors themselves and not their retainers.

When not in the midst of battle he will most often be found at the rear of a group, saying little and watching those around him closely. He is highly suspicious and will watch for signs of any kind of taint at all times. He can also be manipulative and will also be happy to pick up any signs of weakness amongst those around him that he could use to undermine them later if necessary.

Physical Appearance: Oren is small for a Space Marine, standing a diminutive 6' 11" and relatively lean. His face is narrow and gaunt with a jutting chin and long pointed nose. His eyes are pale, beady and sunken. His brow is low and protrudes over his eye sockets giving him a permanent frown. His head is covered by a thin layer of short prickly black hair. He has a single dark silver service stud above his left eye.

Background: Oren's early life is largely unremarkable. He was born and raised on the Red Hunters homeworld of Montsegma. He was always a strong and healthy child but due to his smaller stature he was often picked on by larger children. Despite this he would never back down from a fight and showed great resilience even when out-sized or outnumbered. When he came of age he was taken as a potential candidate, passing the first trials and began the process to becoming a space marine.

As a Neophyte he displayed high level marksmanship skills and spent many years armed with a sniper rifle in the Red Hunters 10th Company. After being elevated to full space marine status he showed similar skills armed with a lascannon in the 9th Company.

He would eventually progress to the 2nd Company. It was here that Oren would make a greatest display of his skills and would most regularly come into contact with members of the Holy Inquisition. Over several decades fighting in honour guards at the behest of dozens of Inquisitors he would prove himself hundreds of times. After protecting the injured Inquisitor Baijin against a horde of Orks with highly limited ammunition he was granted permission to begin training with the Stalker Pattern Bolter.

With this he would distinguish himself regularly. He broke the Tau lines on Idovar by striking down their Ethereal from 50 feet away. He saved the life of Inquisitor Gobek on Thror by covering his withdrawl from an ambush of Loxatl. He held the Bridge of Saviours on Elsa from it's famous guard tower alone for 6 hours against Kroot raiding parties until reinforcements could arrive.

These are just the events Oren remembers. As is common practice amongst those serving the Inquisition so closely, Oren's mind has been regularly wiped. Large chunks of his memory, sometimes spanning years are simply missing. He even bears honour markings on his armour that he has no memory of obtaining. This is a small price to pay for knowing he has served the Imperium and Inquisition with distinction and when the opportunity arose for him to continue to do so as part of the Deathwatch, Oren didn't hesitate the take up the Long Watch.

Armour Appearance: Oren wears a suit of largely unmodified MKVII armour. It's only embellishments are a number of marksman honours. He bears two on his right shoulder, one either side of the sculpted Chapter badge displayed there. He has three more under his left knee pad and a final one on his left vambrace.

Weapons and Equipment: Stalker Pattern Bolter, Special Issue Ammunition, Weapon Scope, Frag and Krak Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Combat Knife.

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