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Name: Serafeim Pyrrhos

Age: 302

Chapter of Origin: Salamander

Type of Marine: Devastator Veteran Sergeant

Personality: Common among Salamander marines is a generally friendly demeanor willing to lend a hand where possible and seeing himself as something of a shepherd to younger souls. He's the embodiment of quiet persistence to the point of obstinance taking a good amount of time to chew on a topic before committing to the path but when set few have ever moved him for better or worse. Generally his common sense has proved accurate allowing his long lived tenure within the XVIIIth chapter.

In battle Serafeim is loud and raucous bellowing taunts and litanies of hatred towards his foe matched only by the firepower his preference for wargear affords him almost the same way a sportsman would jest with a fellow competitor. While not as obnoxious as a Space Wolf his outgoing disposition has worn on others in the past. That doesn't take away from his dedication and his reputation for pushing completely unassisted is well known. More recently he's fallen under a degree of self-doubt and will withdraw from others preferring to work at his forge hoping to steel his own soul for battle.

Physical Appearance: The Salamander is an anchor standing much shorter than the average marine with a body so wide as to rival that of tactical dreadnought armor. His skin, typical of Salamanders is black as the void with glowing eyes like two burning embers red and menacing along with a bald head, a wide pronounced nose, and full lips. His body is littered with several scars from burns and more slashes more specifically slash marks typical of Tyranid claws and Eldar blades along with brand marks.

More importantly are the brands dotting the marine's body consistent with Hero Marking common among the Salamanders including: the first brand he received on induction into the chapter, the brand of his assignment within the 3rd company as brother devastator marine, the dubious brand of Ymgarl moons, and his personally very esteemed brand in assisting Forgefather He'stan recover the gauntlet of the Forge. There are two brands of considerable note to the Salamander, the first is a very intricate brand on the back of his left hand and a Twisted gnarl looking like smoke over his first heart.

Background: The planet Nocturne is a very dangerous place made unique by the relationship that the Salamanders have with those on the planet. Serafeim was born on the planet and apprenticed under, then sergeant, Adrax Agatone who instructed him in the ways of the forge along with several other young boys of Nocturnes. The boy offered a degree of skill and zeal to be like the Salamander above average and Adrax felt the urge to push him to be selected for service in the chapter. The sergeant brought the young boy before the scrutinous eyes of an apothecary and chaplain as a test of both his body and spirit and finding both adequate accepted Serafeim. Serafeim excelled in the training process even claiming a great salamander as his own to complete the trials much like Vulkan in ages before him.

Following the induction Serafeim was selected for the third company where his years as a neophyte proved unspectacular and he was quickly selected to be an honored Devastator bringing mobile heavy weapons to the fight. He assisted in the purging of several ork infestations and participated in the later stages of the Purging of the Moons of Ymgarl. The devastator was sergeant of a squad of the auxiliary services maintaining a foothold on the surface while the terminators delved deeper into the moon to eradicate the infestation. His last truly notable campaign was his involvement in Forgefather He'stan's pursuit of the Gauntlet of the Forge, one of the nine artefacts of Vulkan. His own company was contacted for their proximity to the Forgefather and they led a campaign against Eldar pirate Iath Bloodweaver bathing countless Eldar in Promethium flame leading up to the claim of the Gauntlet.

The fall of Serafeim was not a pleasant one. In his final service to the Salamander before his Seconding to the Death Watch was against another Ork warhost. He had reasoned that a hard wedge pushed into the Ork lines would be plenty and drove his forces into the breach despite others advice and orders. This action cost the lives of almost all of his own host and 100% fatality rate of their adjoined Imperial Guard attachment. His resolve had been cracked and he questioned himself. Despite the common practice of the Burning Walk Serafeim chose instead to count himself among the Deathwatch to steel his own resolve. Despite being one of the more veteran in the kill team he himself is not the squad leader having chosen to humble himself.

Armour Appearance: A magnificent set of armor tailored specifically for Serafeim. The artificer suit is covered in fire iconography carefully etched into the ceramite along the limbs of the suit as though engulfed in flames, the chest bears the aquila with a dragon's skull at the center. Finally the helmet itself is patterned after the Mark V Heresy era armor with a dragon skin pattern over the surface of the helmet. There are no purity seals that are so prevalent among Astartes on his suit as they've simply burned away and have never been replaced. The only overt show in the armor is the suit's powerpack resembling two serpents mouths open and jutting out adjacent with his shoulders. The armor is bulky and heavy even for Astartes power armor eschewing speed for pure strength and even features the gorget of the Mk VIII and finally culminating in a brazen orange dragon head on a black background on his left pauldron.

Weapons and Equipment: backpack fed modified Astartes flamer patterned after Surtur's Breath burning with a unique propellant that both extends the range and burns with a brilliant ultraviolet flame that scares and inspires. A combat knife, bolt pistol, melta bombs, and frag/krak grenades

Modified for Flamer

If you need to get a hold of me my Skype is zhnthebox

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