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Name: Veyros Uk'Reltor

Age: 187

Chapter of Origin: Carcharadons (http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Carcharodons)

Type of Marine: Company Champion

Personality: Veyros is confident in his abilities to the point of arrogance, and can at times irk others with what can be perceived as over confidence. His skills and pure strength and power act to only embolden his claims and pride however. In terms of his social demeanor he is not the most friendly of battle brothers, it would be easier to describe him as competitive.

Especially within the Death Watch, Veyros feels that it is his responsibility to demonstrate his superiority within his realm of expertise and by extension show the superiority of the Carcharadons. Feeling that his chapter is underrepresented in such specialized forces as the Death Watch and knowing that many of his battle brothers within The Watch have not even had direct dealings with his chapter before.Because the Carcharadons are known mostly by second hand accounts, as many of the official records are sealed as to their involvement, but the wakes of blood are proof of their gruesome and bloody campaigns and as such he has sworn to take glory in the name of his chapter and honor Captain Rykaz with the legacy of noble deeds. He is adherent to orders given to him, but his execution of those orders is often carried out with the trademark savagery of the Carcharadons, which can sometimes draw criticism from those around him who would prefer a more surgical and precise approach at times over the near animalistic slaughter that can be left in Veyros' wake.

Physical Appearance: The first thing that often strikes those that see Veyros is his ashen grey skin. The second thing that registers is how massive he is, large, even for an Astartes at near 8 feet tall and broader than most of his brethren. His eyes also carry an oddity of his gene seed, ink black eyes, without iris and giving the visage of a primordial predator, his teeth formed into triangular razor edged fangs add to his startling appearance. Across the right side of his face sits a tribalistic tattoo of a maw of razored teeth, much like the apex predators the Carcharadons are named for.

Background: Kaleris II is a planet that is awash in oceanic front, the whole of the planet derives its life from the perilous Oceans. Veyros lived on the coast of Isla Kalas one of the major islands located in the southern hemisphere of Kaleris II. Subject to rampaging storms, but fully beholden to the seas for their livelihood, Veyros grew up exposed to danger. Wading into knee deep or waist high waterways within the islands river system in order could proven extremely dangerous, as Warukas hid in plain sight, ambush predators lurked in the waters, their scaled hides allowing them to blend near seemlessly into the riverbed, despite the clear waters. Even with the threat of the Waruka, the fish and fresh waters that could be had made the risk worth it. Even still there were always stories of relatives who went to the rivers to fetch fresh water or catch small fish who simply never returned, or returned with gruesome wounds that left them limbless or forced to die an agonizing and slow death. Where the tribes of Kaleris really made their prize catches was the ocean, the warmer seas of the Mayla Sea carried the promise of massive catches, teams of boats would head out in order to capture and kill Waalen, gigantic fish, not entirely dissimilar from ancient Whales, with the exception that they were fish and not mammals. The potential for a feast however was not without risk. There were great beasts of the deep that hunted the Waalen, Urak, the great predators of the deep, massive, primative shark-like monsters that still held control of the oceans of Kaleris II. Tales were known across the planet of the monsters, but they could not be avoided, their survival depended on the Waalen, which meant they would need to risk the domain of the savage Urak. On his fifth deep sea hunt, Veyros encountered his first Urak, the beast nearly capsized one of the largest boats in their fishing fleet, as the beast tore through the hull of the boat it seemed to stare into Veyros' eyes, an empty pool of deep black, without any indication of sorrow, feeling or mercy. The men cast into the water were eaten alive, some in one bite, others taken in pieces, as if the creature reveled in the slaughter and carnage it caused. Despite his young age, at the time only 15, Veyros knew there could be no hesitation in his action. As the men and other young hunters scrambled to their positions on their respective ships, Veyros grabbed his juka, a specialized spear with a rounded edge to the blade and numerous barbs that rend, rip and tear upon removal, perfect for hunting Waalen, but also used to fend off the Uraks. Taking the spear in hand, getting perilously close he slammed the spear into the eye of the beast, as he drove the spear deeper and deeper in the beast thrashed, slamming its tail into the boat and knocking Veyros into the water. The Urak glided away from the boat effortlessly, doubling back with its teeth exposed, its target Veyros. With a desperate kick, the young boy managed to get out of the way just in the nick of time. As the urak passed he grabbed hold of his spear, still sticking out from its ruined and pulped eye. The massive beast thrashed, throwing its head back in order to clamp its massive jaws about the boy and rend him limb from limb. Veyros' grip would not yield, despite the slickness of the water meeting the oily black sludge that passed for blood of the Urak, striving to drive the spear deeper and deeper as they struggled, thrashing about in a dance where one of them would have to die.

The beast dove deep seeking to dislodge the boy, but he would not yield, his life depended on his weapon now, the other hunters could not lend any support as he'd been taken so far from the boats. The ocean seemed to kick up around the surface of the water unnaturally and as the Urak threw itself in the air to dislodge the stubborn child that clung to it, Veyros' eyes caught the glow of engines above them. As they resurfaced again, Veyros could feel the beast beginning to fade in its efforts, the loss of blood beginning to wear on it, but the strain had weakened him as well, he could feel that he was on the brink of letting go, accepting his fate to be devoured. But something within him surged, perhaps just the primative instinct to survive, but he mustered what strength he could and drove his weight into the spear as much as he could. The blade continued to dig deep, the barbs catching on bits of tissue and bone until finally the slow, grinding scraping gave way to a thud and pop that could be heard underwater. The Uraks massive body flailed hard and shook, and then froze in place. Exhausted and weak, the surface began to fade away, sinking listlessly down, the haft of the spear still loosely in his hands, he couldn't bring himself to let go so tired and shocked was his body. The ocean around him then lit up with the glow white blue flame, it illuminated all around, and he could see a perimeter of circling Uraks, waiting to move in on what was now easy prey. A massive hand reached for him and grabbed him, then his world went black as he slipped into unconsciousness.

"Captain Rykaz, the boy was impressive, but he is too old by a full cycle to fall within ideal conditions." The massive being clad in white armor spoke, Veyros could do little but look up from a slabsteel table that he was restrained to. "The boy will become one of us, we did not witness his battle with that creature for no reason, the Emperor saw fit to have us find this boy." The monstrously imposing warrior in slate grey turned, his helm was flattened and widened from what he'd seen in pictures, often he'd seen them as blue, or the yellow of those who stood with the Emperor of Mankind eons ago. But Veyros knew who they were. "Astartes..." he whispered to himself in awe of their presence. Taking notice of the boy directly for the first time, Captain Rykaz turned and nodded, removing his helm, his eyes were black, the ink black of the Urak, his skin was a grey, not dissimilar from his armor. The low rumble of his voice confirmed Veyros' thoughts though, "Yes, we are. We are the Carcharadons, we would have you join us as young one, you have shown me you embody our warrior grit." The Captain flashed a dangerous smile, though likely meant to be encouraging, it revealed a row of bright white, sharp, triangular teeth, resembling those of a shark. Veyros again lost consciousness, and when he awoke some weeks later he had already begun his transformation.

The Carcharadons had seemingly by coincidence arrived at Kaleris II as they were in the midst of resupply of both materials and candidates, the Captain Rykaz of the fleet of the Carcharadons noted Veyros' skills as a hunter, his sheer savage will, displayed even at a young age in his 'duel' with the massive Urak. Taken at the eldest age for a candidate Veyros' life was at greater risk than even the other candidates, but such was his potential that Rykaz demanded he be given the gift of gene seed, even if it meant possibly squandering the genetic material or their sire. Rykaz's decision and insistence that Veyros be taken as a recruit initially did not sit well with the Apothecary Majoris Lerak, as he believed there would be other candidates who did not pose the risk of completely failing to develop with the gene seed and other organs necessary to transform into an Astartes. Lerak was nearly proven right as there were complications with the impantation and function of the Ossmodula, it secreted such high levels initially that it very nearly killed Veyros, however, the over saturation from the organ of varying growth hormones and absorption of ceramic materials to create a stronger bone stronger yielded what would become quite the specimen. By the late stages of recruit training, Veyros was nearly as large as some of the smaller battle brothers, and when he had become a fully fledged battle brother, he was among the largest within the Carcharadon fleet he had joined.

When he took up the mantle in combat, Veyros repaid Rykaz faith in him in the blood of the enemies of the Imperium. His savagery was nearly unrivaled, his record of service esteemed. It was at the recommendation of Rykaz that Veyros was sent to the Death Watch, believing that it was the Emperor's wish that he find Veyros, train him and prepare him for his role within the Death Watch.

Armour Appearance: As a fleet based chapter, the Carcharadons utilize whatever is available to them. As such Veyros' armor is no different, utilizing Mk VII chest plate with the greeves of Mk VI Corvus. The gauntlets taken from venerable Mk IV Maximus with a helm of unknown origination, baring a resemblance to a manta ray, with 6 vents in the rebreather/vox (http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/...20110218055343) The pauldrons as well carry embelishment belonging to the chapter, with additional plating affixed to either peak with adamantium studs, providing the appearance of 'waves' to either side of the helm which is decorated with the same maw pattern tattooed on his face.

Weapons and Equipment: Eviscerator ChainSword, Double Edged Chain Sword (Extra CCW), Bolter, Frag and Krak Grenades, Melta Bombs

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