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Hey all.. just as excited for this release as most, not for the regular reasons but because it shows GW is willing to expand and progress an already almost limitless range of models in one of my favorite fictional universes.. so on to the good stuff..
-expect an official AdMech codex sometime in the future, i can't pin down a date as yet but it will def be coming, with duhduhduhn ....HQ units.
-Eldar are def next.. I'm still saying its not a redo of the 2yo codex but more of a sideways re-invisioning of the Iyanden book with the other craft worlds expounded upon. Until we really see the book in hand its a lil up in the air but i expect it to work WITH Codex:Eldar rather than replacing it..
-also i can't wait for the upcoming Campaign if only to get my hands on some lovely new LE HQ's.
-sidenote: Vect & the dais... on the horizon.. quite possibly as i saw an email subject title yesterday "V w/ D primary context and mockup art" so there's something stirring in commoragh, could be next month but alas it could be next year too, with the way GW works they could slide a one week
-Codex:Demurig in somewhere without flinching LOL.
Happy holidays to all..
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