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Name: Nicodeme Rien

Age: 184

Chapter of Origin: Marines Errant

Type of Marine: Battle Brother

Personality: Generally of a more reserved nature, Rien has lived his life sharpening his mind and body to deal with the patience of waiting for the most opportune moments during a hunt. Like many of his chapter, Rien is quick in his desire to take the fight to his foe's but never to the point of throwing all sense of tactics to the wind. Decades of void warfare and boarding actions have caused Rien to favour steadfast courage and honour, wherein he has a distinct dislike for those who are arrogant in their skill and boisterous in their standing. This is due to having seen good people killed when left unsupported by allies looking to find glory or make a name for themselves.

When not on a field of battle, Rien enjoys the comradery of others; to share in his experiences and better understand how to end his foes. This cannot so much be said of reveling in exploits, for though Rien understands the importance of great deeds, to bog oneself down with the glory of an action breeds arrogance, and from that it is not hard to look down on others. During the Corinthian Crusade Rien experienced some of this first hand, where some from other chapters might look down on his own brothers for not having as long or as illustrious a history. This, however, can also come from jealousy; such as in the honour the Ultramarines rightly gave to the Marines Errant for their actions during the Crusade.

Physical Appearance: Tall and broad, Rien stands half over seven feet tall and more than half that in width. His skin is a sun-burnt off red, from hard years spent on a world beset by two suns and little in the way of shade. Rien's head is bald, bearing tribal marks and trophy kills from his life before ascension as one of the Emperor's warriors. Of his body, Rien's arms and chest are pockmarked with scar tissue and service tattoo's. His left shoulder is a mess of pinkish scar tissue, acid burns from a Dark Eldar weapon a decade ago.

Nicodeme Rien's face is a map tracing his service through the decades. Slate gray eyes are framed by a heavy brow, craggy cheeks, and a squat nose which has seen itself broken and reset on several occassions. His mouth is extended on the right side by an old scar, made by an Ork blade during the Corinthian Crusade. The symbol of Rien's chapter, a blazing comet striking a startburst, adorns the left side of his neck; a V of the fifth company within the starburst.

Background: Born to the desert death world of Drask near the edge of Ultima Segmentum; Rien, or rather the child that would become Nicodeme Rien, spent his early years learning to fight both the deadly denizens of the endless deserts and other nomadic tribes. At the age of thirteen, Rien was selected to take part in the aspirant trials, of which he and four others were taken from their homeworld and into the stars. As a neophyte and then scout, Rien aided the Marines Errant by pin-pointing key targets and holding points so or supporting other Imperial elements. In the year 689 Rien was elevated to the rank of battle brother following the assassination of a renegade sorcerer leading a cult in an attempt to unleash a warp storm upon the system of Silgo; for this Rien earned the right to bear a name, of which he chose and hos borne the name Nicodeme Rien ever since.

Nearly ten years after becoming a full battle brother, Rien took part in the Corinthian Crusade that lasted from 698 to 705. The Marines Errant, alongside five more chapters and under the leadership of Marneus Calgar, persecuted the crusade against the Ork warlord of Skargor the Despoiler and retake the Corinth system from the greenskins clutches. In 703 the Marines Errant came to the aid of the Ultramarines third company, and following the crusades end Rien was one of his chapter who volunteered to pursue surviving Ork ships and end their threat; an action which would take a further forty years and see a further eight systems liberated. Before the crusades end, Rien was honoured to meet the Ultramarine chapter ancient Galatan, who would later become the hero of the crusade, personally slaying Skargor at the cost of his own life.

After returning to the Marines Errant fleet in 745, Rien served with distinction and in 778 he and the Marines Errant fifth company spent the next six years hunting Eldar pirates across the Ghoul Stars wherein Rien proved that his chapters proficiency in boarding actions was not limited to Orks. In 788 Rien was elevated to the rank of veteran, following actions against Ork raids across the Horlaan and Piunt systems that would go on for three years.

In 814 the Marines Errant fifth company answered an ancient call of aid from the rogue trader house of Ecale. Together they sought out and destroyed human pirate elements harrassing the shipping lanes near the Ghoul Stars for ten years.

It was in 839 that Nicodeme caught the eye of the inquisition, when he and elements of the fifth company survived an ambush by Dark Eldar reavers intended to capture the veteran and his brothers as pit slaves during the defence of the Imperial world of Juron VI against an Ork invasion. Rien and his brothers were able to not only survive the ambush, but they in turn used it to their advantage and forced the Dark Eldar to engage Ork forces and bleed both xeno's elements before crushing the remnants.

In 848 Rien was officially seconded to the deathwatch in lieu of his extensive experience against xeno's species.

Armour Appearance: Nicodeme Rien wears a void hardened MkVI Corvus armour, its original beaked helm long since replaced with a MkVII Aquila pattern after suffering irreparable damage during the ambush on Juron VI. The left shoulderguard was slab of studded ceramite prior to being upgraded for deathwatch service. His greaves come up to the knee and terminate as spikes each with a skull leering outward. His chestplate bears the mark of his chapter, but this will be lost once he undergoes the rite to paint his armour in the colour of the deathwatch.

Weapons and Equipment: Bolter, bolt pistol, chainsword, specialist ammunition, frag and krak grenades

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