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So here is how it went down.
I lost 10-13, played a maelstrom mission, one where you draw upto 3 cards a turn, vever exceeding. I was a very close game but his 3 Flyrants were his stars of the game. Bel'kalor was killed during his first shooting phase, I was unable to cast shrouding on himself so that was basically his downfall, 24 twin linked S6 shots killed him pretty good (2 Flyrants shooting at him)
My chaos spawn were also usless, died before they could charge anything in turn two. My 300pt Thister killed a brood of 3 Biovars and a tranofex, He then died later in turn 5 with two flyrants shooting at him, The 250pt thister killed 15 Gaunts, a Mawloc and a brood lord. My possessed did fairly well surprisingly, killing 10 Gargoyles in the turn they charged, they later lost 2 of there number to the mawloc bursting up from under them, they later charged the Creature and held it tied up for a few turns till my thister charged in and killed it. My blood letters all did well, killing almost everything they assualted, Spending blood points to get FNP helped many of them survive. I killed every unit of his but his 3 Flyrants. My heldrake came on turn 3 and killed 3 ripper swarms, 3 geneestealers and one wound on the brood lord, turn 4 it was shot down by yet again another Flying tyrant, hitting rear armour. All in all I like my list, I will probably drop the spawn, I feel like this list would do amazing againt other armies, but the 3 Flyrants were just to much, no point in making my thisters fly and only get D3 shots with the one, and 1 shot with the other.
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