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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Keep up the good work. =)
Thanks brother! I will do my best.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
Nicely done
Thanks Tawa, I think I'm at the point where putting together models without using my knife, multiple kit parts, and GS is boring. Time to step up the game.

Originally Posted by Iraqiel View Post
Although, as Gandalf said, a wizard is never late...
Ha! ...and as I have said....NEVER TRUST A WIZARD!!!

Originally Posted by Roganzar View Post
I have to say that big over-sized axe in the hands of a Catachan looks pretty good.
Thanks man, though to be sure I wasn't initially going for a Catachan army...it just kind of became that way because I prefer plastic to metal and most of the Guard I got in the army deal played to that taste. Had I got more Cadian than Catachan this would have been much more pointless. As a bonus because you like the axes, here's what I did with the biggest ones (really only suitable as two handed SM weapons at best, unless you're hard into anime):

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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