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That army is a slaughtercult + allied daemons belakor, nurglings, and a daemonkin CAD for the wrath of khorne and 2 units of your bloodletters as its troops and heldrake as a fast attack.
This means those culists can kill themselves, the slaughter would get the 1-4 free bonus on you tithes if cost higher, and your drake is blood. You can choose either thirster to be lord though the more expensive one can reroll any warlord trait, while the cheep one can only reroll daemonkin ones. Also those 2 bloodletter packs get objective secured.
Though you have taken the flamer on the cultists without paying for it.

5 Possessed-150
8 CSM,flamer- 135
8 Blood letters- 80
8 Cultitsts- 58
8 Cultitsts, Flamer-58
2 Spawn- 64

Daemonkin CAD
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthister- 300
8 Blood letters- 80
8 Blood letters- 80
Fast Attack
1 Heldarake- 170

1 units of 5 Nurglings- 71

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