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Default Khorne Daemonkin 1850

So made a new list with the new minis I picked yp and i made this list to include them and I will mostly play against my One friend who has Tau and Nids, with Nids he almost always has 2 or more Flyrants or something like that. Or my one friend who plays orks, and usually just mass amount of boys.


5 Possessed-150

8 CSM,flamer- 135
8 Blood letters- 80
8 Blood letters- 80
8 Blood letters- 80
8 Cultitsts- 58
8 Cultitsts, Flamer-58

2 Spawn- 64

1 Heldarake- 170 ( Not apart of any formation so what ever unit he kills I will not get a blood tith point)

Lord of Slaughter formation:
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthister- 300

1 units of 5 Nurglings- 71

Total 1846

Strategy is to deep strike nurglings onto and objective, Bel'kor will cast invisibility on the better bloodthister. The two Bloodthisters wont be flying, they will just be jumping 12' and getting into assaults as fast as possible, The Idea is that there will be 3 Major threats on the board they will have to focus on them, if they dont then that goes into my favor, the Troops are there to mostly die, I plant to summon more bloodletters or a Prince when I have enough points. Also the Heldrake is mostly my anti air killer so I feel my one weakness is him going down, but in that even I can have one of the 3 MCs I have fly and go after the other flyer.
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