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Default NTaW's Armies of the Imperium (with a side of Necrons)

From out of the ashes of my previous plogs, whose pictures are now defunct, comes this: one centralized place where I can post up all of my various hobby-related projects. I am currently playing and collecting models from these factions: Blood Angels, Imperial Fists, Deathwing, Assassins, Inquisition, White Scars, Grey Knights, Astra Militarum, and last but not least Necrons. My life is a bit sporadic in how much time I decide to throw at modelling and painting, but when I get into a project I'm usually pretty good through to the end. Either way, if I can keep this thing updated once a month I'll be quite pleased with myself. Special thanks goes out to @Kreuger , who helped me figure out hosting pictures online and posting them correctly into this forum. You'd think after my years and number of posts I'd have figured it out! Were it not for him this wouldn't be going down, and were it not for all the Heretics who commented with their criticisms, praises, and general Q&A over the last few years of my other plogs I wouldn't be nearly the hobbyist I am today. Cheers to Heresy for being awesome!

Without further ado, here are my most recent efforts from each faction:

Blood Angels, Sanguinary Priest made from the old metal model. Lightning Claw was cut at the shoulder to swing out and the armpit was puttied to prop it out for the swing. Chalice was made entirely out of Kneadatite. Jump Pack is, of course, magnetized...though the metal one is nowhere near as nicely affixed when in place.

Imperial Fists, Terminator Sergeant. Hammer arm was repositioned up long before I started pinning my pieces before puttying them, that arm was a real bitch to get where it is. He's an old model, and I have been working on my Tactical squads but they're nowhere near picture worthy. This model, now that I'm looking at a fresh picture, needs a lot of work still...it was also my first attempt at yellow.

Deathwing, Mortis Dreadnought. I -still- haven't finished painting Belial, so this remains the only member of this army painted. I do own 4/5 Terminator squads for them though....it's just a matter of time. First attempt at doing green on this scale, or highlighting a vehicle in pretty much any way.

Callidus Assassin, soon to be joined by a Vindicare as well. Old metal model that I stripped from how I painted it as a 10/12 year old (I'm 28 now, and took a 10 year break from the hobby). As a bonus, here's what she looked like before too.

The Inquisition is something I haven't painted much from, one of my Inquisitors was purchased painted and I haven't seen fit to strip him and redo...but oh, it's gunna happen. Here are the Servo Skulls I made up in the interim.

White Scars, Captain on Bike. I'm pretty stoked on this model, he was quite the conversion from the Dark Vengeance bike sergeant. The Hammer was made from a GK Warding Stave and a Death Company hammer head, and the clamps for the Shield were taken from the Rhino accessories. I used liquid green stuff, a toothpick, and ultimate amounts of patience making (or trying to make, anyway) his cloak look like it was made of fur. All other instances of green is just plain old Kneadatite, though the hair was tricky. I still feel like the ammo crate on the back is a stop-gap until I can figure out how to make a sweet banner pole or something more captain-like, but it'll do for now.

Grey Knights at the moment are strictly an allied thing (much like the White Scars), and consist of a 5 man Terminator squad, a Librarian, and a Land Raider. I got the squad assembled and had to hack and slash my way through equipping them the way I wanted. This guy ended up being my Librarian, with repositioned Hammer arm and 'fixed' left hand.

Astra Militarum, Platoon Sergeant with Kromlech Power Axe. I was initially very disappointed with the scale of these axes. Turns out I still am, though that's my only gripe. There's a little thing here and there miscast, but this was the smallest axe in the group that was 'made to work with standard guardsmen'. I did my best with this guy, using butchered arms from a heavy weapons team to get the elbow positioning and the hands...well, it's a big awkward axe. Two more of these guys to make up for my 30 man blob that kicks it with and Inquisitor (or Azrael).

Necron Warriors. Nothing special here, but this is the colour scheme of my Necrons. Going for the Thokt Dynasty, I'm really curious as to how my Night Scythe and Immortals will turn out....kinda making it up as I go for them.

Well, that's it for my initial post. Back in it!

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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