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Originally Posted by venomlust View Post
Fair enough, @Vaz .

To use the rulebook instead of an awkwardly phrased question,

From page 30, in the Shooting Phase section, under the heading Choose a Target:

Once you have chosen the unit that you want to shoot with, choose a single enemy unit for them to shoot at.
Firing with Interceptor is still making a shooting attack, after all.
The Interceptor rule
a weapon with the Interceptor special rule can be fired at any one unit that has arrived from Reserve within its range and line of sight.
That little word 'any' could allow you to shoot your own stuff.

As i said before though it would be really really dodgy to do so and likely would not be to your advantage. Everyone in a miles radius would also get some kind of spidie sence that you are 'That Guy' though even if they dont play the game and had never met you.

Though this did get me wondering about trying to make sure if you summon him close to an enemy unit and hope for a scatter to hit him. So you could down him in your own turn.
Or if you have the new seige of vraks stuff that allows you to target friendlies with some ordnance barrarge weapons...

Again though in each case he is probably gunna die as he would have no jink and only t6 and 4 wounds max if you downed him.

I did also wonder if you are allowed to elect to fail the test that keeps him in the air. I am pretty sure you can elect to fail morale tests, but i dont know if that is the only one.

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