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Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
Which is exactly as it should be! X-Wings should be better than TIEs, unless outnumbered, and once a capital ship has been stripped of it's fighters then it becomes vulnerable to Trench Run Disease (as the Rebels call it) and that'll only become more evident as they release B-Wings, Defenders, Skiprays and so on. Looking forward to it!
That was actually my strategy in the game. Drop the TIEs as fast as possible, then mob the SDs with my X-wings. The first part worked fine, by turn 3 only 1 TIE squadron remained and I still had 3 X-wing squadrons, but after that I found the X-wings weren't that painful to the SD. Even with a corvette assisting it still took ages to take down the SD, and by then I'd lost 2 of the 3 X-wing squadrons. I think once the Y-wings come out, the rebels will really be able to put the hurt on the Imperials.

It's a bit different to the other fleet game I used to play. In BFG if you let a squadron wave close to one of your capitol ships it was soon to be crippled/destroyed. In Armada the squadrons are still deadly if left unopposed, but it's not as one-sided. Maybe if my Nebulon-B frigate had survived longer and been able to hand out squadron orders it may have been different?

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