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Originally Posted by ChaosRedCorsairLord View Post
Finally the Rebel X-wings are just hands down better than the Imperial TIE squadrons. My opponent tended to pimp out his capitol ships and take only a few TIE squadrons, which I was really able to punish him for. Once I eliminated his fighters I still had plenty of X-wings to put the hurt on his Star Destroyers, and their anti-ship armaments just can't dish the hurt out fast enough to get rid of those squadrons.
Which is exactly as it should be! X-Wings should be better than TIEs, unless outnumbered, and once a capital ship has been stripped of it's fighters then it becomes vulnerable to Trench Run Disease (as the Rebels call it) and that'll only become more evident as they release B-Wings, Defenders, Skiprays and so on. Looking forward to it!

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