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Default 5 zerkers down!

hey just wanted to say that yesterday i took donw with 1 IG guardsmen squad (with only 9 survivng members) took down a 5 man khorne bezerker squad!!

how you say? well..

started off me and my opponent (henceforth known as him) at opposite sides off the kitchen table (bout 50" long), we both have a castle objective is to take the opponents castle. so we roll for 1st move, he wins he moves his zerker squad towrds my guys, he set them up the full 12" from the edge as had i with said IG squad, so by the end of his first move hes already gotten 24" in, he then runs and gets the full 12" (we interpretted it as 2D6 cause of the fleet rule they had) leaving him in assault range (again interpretted 12" assault range due to fleet) he then finishes unit movement, and starts shooting from his DE reaver which was in range of same squad, kills 1 leaving 9, he then assaults gets a string of bad rolls 1 miss 4 hits, 1 kill 3 saves!:fuck:

i now have a squad of 8 who promptly strike back killing 2, leaving 3 zerkers, leavingthem outnumbered 2-1 which inflicts a further 5 wounds cause of his fearless rule, outcome i kill the zerkers and we run out of time a few rounds later, he holed up in his castle to try and force me into the open

but i won cause of them kills, my single IG squad of 8 surviving men taking on 5 zerkers and winning

Quisnam praesumo, successio
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