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Forgot the web bundles!

Ironstrider Web Bundle - $147 USD
Fearsome two-legged walking tanks, the Ballistarii and the Dragoons charge into battle with gyroscopically-enhanced poise and grace, delivering kill after kill with a terrifying efficiency.
This bundle contains everything needed to make two Ironstrider Ballistarii and one Sydonian Dragoon - awesome, visually striking bipedal tanks featuring brutally effective long and short range weaponry.

Skitarri Vanguard/Ranger Web Bundle - $102.25 USD
Footsoldiers of the Machine God, the Skitarii Vanguard and Rangers are fearsome shock troopers, harnessing the power of forgeworlds to annihilate their enemies without compassion or mercy.
This bundle contains everything you need to make ten Skitarii Vanguard and ten Skitarii Rangers, including two optional Alphas. 248 components are included in total, with forty-six heads, fifty weapons (enough to make any combination allowed for in Codex: Skitarii), a 210mm x 297mm Mars Skitarii Transfer Sheet, a pot of Martian Ironearth Technical paint and twenty 25mm bases.
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