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Default Movie Review: Clown (Jon Watts)

Hey there Heresy. Thought I'd pop up a taster of my Clown review up here on heresy. Overall I enjoyed it. Watts is relatively new in the horror field but I feel he had a good shot at this one. Besides it has Peter Stormare in it....seriously he's a cool dude.

Let me know here what you thought of the movie if you've seen it...or what would put you off seeing it??


Clown is basically a movie about not putting on other people’s clothes…especially when you find them in a musty old basement…in an ominous box…and it’s a freakin clown costume! The story focuses around Kent McCoy, a doting father who wants to give his son the best birthday possible, so fills the role of the missing clown himself by becoming the clown himself with a costume he stumbles upon. It is soon revealed that the costume is much more than it seems and Kent’s life is thrown into chaos when the true legend of the clown is revealed.

Its all fun and games until the clown suit doesn't come off...

We’ll keep this short and just say…unless you want to get possessed by some clown skin and have Peter Stormare attempt to decapitate you at any opportunity…do not put on random clown suits.

If you feel like having a peek at the full review, check it out here:


Anybody whose seen the film...let me know what you think...love it? Hate it? Currently reconsidering your career as a clown?

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