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nice boy, daft though !
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well i guess im gonna have to add Top Ger to this list, seems the BBC is doing its damned best to destroy itself, I will admit its very poor form to get into a punch up with a work mate but the best way to handle this would have been to see if the people involved could make ammends and put it behind them for the sake of the show(and other employees), a drunken night out with work mates can lead to heated exchanges and fights, the guilty party doesnt have to loose there job,from an employment law point of veiw,dismissing a person is an option but it should only be a last resort,even if someone is on a final written warning an employer can still show leaniancy if they want to, particualy if that will effectively(in this case) end a very very popular tv show and leave many other people out of work, they could have ordered him to seak counciling, reduced his salary for the next season. made him publicly appologise and explain his actions on the show.

I think he has fallen foul of the saville case where it looks like the BBC did very little to control many of its stars back in the day despite been aware of what they were doing, the horse has bolted Beeb, if you keep getting rid of your edgey talent your audience will go with it and the less relevant you become and the more likely it is for people to look at forcing you to become comercial, which i have to say will likely kill you.

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