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I think his main faults are the aforementioned timeline / continuity meddling (which he just seems to do because he can, the end results are always weaker than the starting position), important character progression happening off-page, and his needless world-shrinking. Not everyone should have a book of Karkasy poems, be a fan of the artists from Fulgrim or be a distant ancestor of someone we know exists in 40K.
It would also be nice if he hadn't made his 40K Iron Warriors all the most important half-dozen dudes in the legion 10,000 years earlier who now have nowhere to go in terms of character.

Oh and while his real-world reference inclusion was cute at first it started to get cringe in Angel Exterminatus, and then the bit where Horus literally stops to explain to the reader the real world origin of Abaddon's name in Vengeful Spirit and how relevant thematically it is to the GW character was astonishingly obnoxious.
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