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Chapter 2 - The Land of Night - The War for Sylvania

-Nagash continues to convalesce in Sylvania, the Black Pyramid of Nagash now sits where the Nine Daemons did, and while his power grows, his army has been swelled with tens of thousands of northmen who recognized the threat of Nagash even as Archaon ignored it, many came to Sylvania, none escaped. However the Mortarchs are still at each other's throats, especially Mannfred who chafes at the enforced servitude to the Great Necromancer. None dare challenge Nagash openly, for he has become the single most powerful being short of the Chaos Gods.

-Annoyed by the dead's innate immmunity to his contagions, Nurgle orders Sylvania destroyed. A mighty host of Daemons, containing three Great Unclean Ones, is sent to end the Undead threat. Leading this force are two of Nurgle's newest champions, the Countess Isabella von Carstein who has been resurrected by Nurgle and paired with a Great Unclean One in her soul, and The Nameless who has defected from Nagash after realizing the First Necromancer will never tell him just who he is (he has also possessed Luthor Huss, and since it's pretty frigging obvious that he is Drachenfels, i'll be referring to him as such from now on.).

-The Battle of Grim Moor sees tens of thousands of zombies under the command of Mannfred and Luthor Harkon clash with the Daemon army, at first things go well for the Vampires as Mannfred slays a Great Unclean One single-handedly but the battle eventually swings in the Daemons favour as Isabella shows how formidable she has become by killing three Vargulfs in as many seconds, and Drachenfels usurps command of the Undead army. Mannfred and Harkon are forced to retreat as their army turns against the, though before he can escape Isabella fatally infects Ashigaroth the Gorger-Upon-The-Meek, forcing Mannfred to expend a lot of energy healing his mount to ensure his own survival. The Vampires retreat to the Dead and Buried, an old pre-Von Carstein inn that will serve as their last stand.

-The majority of Nurgle's army heads south towards the Black Pyramid, but Isabella and Drachenfels remain behind along with one of the Great Unclean Ones (who wants to kill Mannfred and avenge his fallen brother) and lay waste to the Dead and Buried. Vlad and the Drakenhof Templars arrive just in time to reinforce the inn, and together the Mortarchs and what remains of their forces make a stand against the rotting horde. Slowly but surely the last of Mannfred's vampires and the Templars are killed, along with Harkon's loyal second-in-command Captain Drekla, though Drekla's sacrifice gives Mannfred and Harkon the opportunity to kill the second Great Unclean One. Vlad attempts a break through but is abandoned by Mannfred who flees rather than face Isabella, Harkon attempts to catch a ride on Ashigaroth but is left behind by the youngest Von Carstein and killed by Isabella.

-Vlad faces Drachenfels and is nearly beaten, due to the "gift" of Otto Glott's blood that is killing him from the inside. Desperate, Vlad attempts a last gambit, he taunts Luthor Huss as a coward who has allowed Drachenfels to control him and then summons as many undead as he can, which Drachenfel's prompty steals control of; however doing so opens the tiniest crack in the mental cage he has imprisoned Huss in. Together Huss and Vlad smash the cage open, and the resulting outpouring of Huss's Sigmarite power annihilates Drachenfels entirely. Together the two fight off a huge horde in a battle the likes of which the world had never seen before and would never see again, but it comes to an end as Isabella arrives and slits Huss's throat before offering Vlad the chance to join her as a servant of Nurgle. It becomes apparent that the Daemon inside her is twisting Isabella's memories as she believes that Vlad thought of her as a pet. Vlad, who admits that he once thought he would pass through any darkness to be with Isabella, refuses as he will not become what she has. Incensed Isabella kills Vlad, who willingly submits to death.

-Elsewhere Archaon holds a meeting with a Corruptor Verminlord, instructing the verminous Daemon to recover a great artefact that is buried somewhere under a city that is not initially named, and promising an end that even the Dark Gods will shudder at if the artefact is stolen or misplaced. The Verminlord agrees and leaves to assemble the force that will do Archaon's bidding.

-Beaten, Mannfred returns to the Black Pyramid expecting to be killed for failing. However Arkhan, who is acting commander of the Undead army while Nagash convalesces, dispatches him to Silver Pinnacle to bring Neferata back into the fold. Neferata's fortunes have suffered greatly, Silver Pinnacle has been looted and ransacked by the Dwarfs, the Skaven and the Goblins, and her carefully built worldwide information network has been destroyed by the Skaven uprisings. With nothing left, she agrees to return on one condition. She wants Khalida. Since Arkhan told him to offer Neferata whatever she wants, Mannfred agrees.

-Meanwhile Isabella's army grows as it marches across Sylvania. Krell and his forces are dispatched to weaken the army and remove the final elements of Sylvania from Nagash's forces, under Arkhan's orders Krell spends the lives of the blood-mad Vampires and Varghulfs and Vargheists as carelessly as he can so that their insanity will not disrupt Arkhan's carefully drawn battleplans, though the Daemonic army is bloodied and battered from the constant attacks. Arkhan comes to the conclusion that Isabella is the anchor of the Nurglite forces as the Daemons corruption spreads only when she is near.

-The Battle of the Black Pyramid begins with Arkhan arraying a vast army before the Isthmus of Death. He grants Neferata and Mannfred control of the Tomb King Legions, but commands Krell to wait at the centre of the battleline with their secret weapon; a legion containing hundreds of Morghasts. The battle is immense, thousands of Daemons and Undead clashing against each other and many acts of dark heroism are undertaken. Isabella approaches the Black Pyramid under the protection of three Great Unclean Ones, though one is lost when a Terrorgheist tears it's guts outs. Arkhan is convinced that victory is at hand, but he does not know about the third army that has come to Sylvania.

-The Skaven, under the command of Ikit Claw, have been tunnelling under Sylvania since before Isabella arrived. The Verminlords have charged him with tunnelling into the Black Pyramid, though the lake of Death Magic above makes it challenging as even a single mistake sees a tunnel flooded with liquid death and hundreds of burrowing teams lost.

-As the battle rages on Nagash awakens, sensing the taint of Chaos on his doorstep, takes command of the army. As the Army of Blight reaches the centre Krell unleashes the Morghasts who annihilate entire tallybands before committing to their objective; clear the way to Isabella von Carstein. Confusion in the Daemonic ranks due to trickery from Nurglings sees Krell's Doomed Legion destroy many tallybands that should have been better prepared and repel an attack by a pack of Beasts of Nurgle. Arkhan unleashes a torrent of Amethyst magic shards that decimate the Plague Drones keeping the Morghasts from Isabella and hundreds of Plaguebearers; and had the last of the Great Unclean Ones not shielded Isabella with his own body, an act which cost him greatly, the battle might have ended there. As the battle swings in favour of the Undead, Nurgle tips his cauldron through the cracks in reality and allows the contents to rain over the Siege of the Black Pyramid. The rain badly damages the Undead and the pools it creates drag hundreds to oblivion while also restoring many of the fallen Daemons back to fighting shape. The undead are stymied by the rain though Krell pushes through in an attempt to take Isabella and Scrofulox the GUO down. Arkhan joins the battle at last and restores many undead to battle, but his ordered plan is ruined. Krell faces Scrofulox and manages to match the Daemon, but is troubled when Isabella joins the fight and is swallowed whole by the Great Unclean One after Isabella mortally wounds the ancient wight. Arkhan quickly strikes at Isabella while the Morghast Archai attack Scrofulox; the Liche King and Isabella fight brutally but it is the vampire that begins to take the advantage, but before she can kill Arkhan a voice rings out across the battlefield. Nagash has arrived.

-The Great Necromancer's voice rings out across the battlefield, cowing even the Daemons momentarily, and Nagash appears at last. He quickly annihilates the better part of the Daemonic forces, while many of Nurgle's followers decide that Nagash is not their problem and focus on the Undead troops rather than dare to face the First Necromancer in battle. Isabella stands her ground, though Scrofulox flees in terror rather than die fighting a being he rightly recognizes as being far more powerful than him. Nagash sees Isabella and realizes why he could not resurrect her, apparently he planned on keeping his word to Vlad but Nurgle had already claimed Isabella, and demands to know why she challenges him. Isabella reveals that she is not here to challenge Nagash, but to distract him. Suddenly a massive explosion rocks the Black Pyramid.

-Ikit Claw's forces have arrived at the Black Pyramid and begin planting warp-bombs at precise points across the entire structure, while being assailed by the necromancer Varisoth and his spirit army. Ikit Claw teleports away once the bombs are placed, leaving his army to die as the Black Pyramid is finally destroyed completely.

-Nagash goes berserk as he sees his place of power destroyed and unleashes a massive wave of magic that eradicates the entire Daemonic army, Scrofulox is destroyed in the wave and Krell's remains restored. Isabella survives but is monstrously wounded by the blast and forced to retreat back to Nurgle's domain. Nagash then realizes his mistake, with the Black Pyramid gone he can no longer harness the great Death Magic of the world and he has just expended all the power he spent months gathering; he is now just a mighty mortal again, no stronger than any other Incarnate. Forced to readjust his plans, (it is revealed here that the idea to harness Death Magic came from Teclis who visited Nagash in the void and offered him an alliance between life and death, which Nagash refused), he resurrects Arkhan, Krell and Varisoth and marshals his army together. Granting control of Sylvania to Neferata, an act which makes Mannfred seethe with rage, Nagash leads his army towards Athel Loren, to seek an alliance with the other Incarnates, an act that incenses Nagash but one that he can no longer do without.


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