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Default Warhammer: Archaon - The Final Battle


As I read Warhammer: Archaon I will post the details here so that all can see how the final battle for the Warhammer World is fought. Hope you enjoy;

Chapter 1 - The Battle of Averheim
-Averheim is the last city of the Empire, everywhere else has fallen apart from scattered villages thathave yet to be raped and pillaged by the hordes of Chaos. Karl Franz has led humanity's last defenders, including the last knights of Bretonnia and the Dwarfs of Karak Kadrin and Zhufbar who are led by Ungrim Ironfist (now the Avatar of Aqshy), to Averheim with Ludwig Schwarzhelm at his side to make their last stand.

-Archaon, incensed by the Daemon's mocking "aid", beheads Kairos Fateweaver and sacrifices the Daemon's corpse, and presumably his essence, to summon Ka'Bandha to aid him instead. He prepares to march on Averheim and prove Sigmar as a lie once and for all.

-Vilitch the Curseling and his army siege Averheim for days, but are unable to crack the now Dwarf-reinforced walls. Franz leads a sortie using his new powers and destroys the majority of the Hellcannons that are present in the Chaos forces, and as Vilitch chases down Franz in a spiteful attempt to stab him in the back he becomes trapped in the Realm of Tzeentch where a Daemon, for whatever reason, decides to answer the prayers of Thomin, Vilitch's enslaved brother, and make him the dominant of the pair. Vilitch becomes a mindless mute enslaved to his now restored brother's will.

-Archaon arrives, with Ka'Bandha of the Third Order, Skarr Bloodwrath, Valkia the Bloody and Scyla Anfingrimm with him. They assault Averheim brutally and manage to crack the defences and enter the city. As the defenders retreat they reap a bloody tally but are forced back nonetheless. Franz and Duke Jerrod of Quenelles decide that the battle is lost, but they will make one last charge and take Archaon's head so that the enemy's victory will be hollow. The charge is mighty and many epic battles are fought, Ludwig Schwarzhelm and Valkia the Bloody score a mutual kill on each other and Duke Jerrod of Bretonnia cuts down Skarr Bloodwrath in single combat; while Archaon and Karl Franz meet at last and begin their own duel.

-Prior to Archaon's arrival Franz sent out a message to Nagash requesting an alliance. Needless to say Nagash refused and killed the messengers, but Vlad von Carstein keeps his promsies (from Glottkin) and takes the Drakenhof Templars to aid Averheim in his capacity as an Elector Count. Balthasar Gelt goes with him and flies ahead of the Vampires to reach the battle quicker. He arrives and supports Ungrim and his Dwarfs against a massive attack that sees Ungrim best Scyla Anfingrimm and send the ancient spawn falling to an almost certain death. Gelt rejects the necromancy that Vlad corrupted him with and restores his connection to the Wind of Metal and after some internal debate, becomes the new Avatar of Chamon. He begins a spell that no Metal Wizard has ever dared perform; The Crucible.

-Archaon and Franz duel but a lucky strike sees Deathclaw stunned and Franz ripped from the saddle. (This part I am unsure of, but it seems that Archaon rips the Wind of Heaven from Franz and sends it away) Before the Everchosen can kill the Emperor, Gelt's spell kicks in and the entire Dwarven force is teleported right into the heart of the Chaos army. Ironfist duels Archaon and forces him back, allowing Gelt to create a giant wall of metal from the weapons and armour of the dead that gives the defenders of Averheim a chance to retreat and make a new stand elsewhere. Ungrim Ironfist and the Slayers remain behind to buy them time, and die gloriously against the horde.

-Vlad arrives too late to Averheim and leaves as he sees the Wind of Aqshy leave it's falling host and head off to parts unknown.


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