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You all gather at Xandrek's location, coming there in ones or twos to find the Revenant has already touched down several meters away with its engines still whining from re-entry with Xandrek and Veptus stood to one side in muted conversation, a few meters away from them Apocathery Minoris Xheng crouched over Azrael fussing over the stumps that were once his left arm and both of his legs clearly preparing the wounds ready to be implanted with bionics or in the worse case scenario if the captain orders it: Becoming one of the 'Tormented', 4th Companies group of Dreadnoughts.

As you approach Xandrek turns away from Veptus he fixes each of you with his pure black gaze having discarded his ruined helmet that sits a few feet away, he nods to Pelegon when he arrives along with Corvis, Tyberus and Serhiy as they arrive before staring at Kesh with his black eyes. "It seems that we have a new blood joining out esteemed company. Who are you and why are you here?" Xandrek asks to Kesh with his eyes narrowed and upon receiving the warriors answer it simply motions towards the storm-eagle behind him.

"Everyone we are leaving, the battle has been won and those that have fled are being rounded up and destroyed. We are going to regroup back aboard the 'Maiden' and re-arm while awaiting orders from the First-Captain and the Primarch. We also have a reckoning with the 17th Company to attend to. Corpse-Master, you and your apprentice are to get Azrael back on his feet as quickly as you can." With that Xandrek motions for you all to follow him as he heads into the compartment of the 'Revenant'.

Boarding the 'Revenant' you take your positions within the restraint harnesses with Xheng once again carrying Azrael, as Xandrek goes to join the pilot in the cockpit and begins getting updates from the entire company. Leaving the rest of you to reflect on the battle of Isstvan and talk among yourselves for the durations of the flight back to 4th Companies ship. Upon reaching the 'Maiden of Sorrow' Xandrek turns to each of you and looks you up and down before speaking.

"Veptus, Xheng, Pelegon, Azrael get yourselves to the Apocatherion and get yourselves patch up. Veptus you are to make sure Azrael is ready for bionic replacements of the limbs he has lost, but see to Pelegon first." The captain motions to the Iron Warrior and all of you can smell the thick rich heart blood of Pelegon as his other heart is ruined. With that Xandrek simply turns and leaves the embarkation deck most likely either returning to his own quarters or to head down to the armory to get another suit of power-armour.

- - - - -

Azrael: OOC: You still need to post from the previous update, though you will be taken to the apocatherion and fitted with Bionics so make sure you work something out with Deus/Veptus.

Veptus: Along with Xheng, Azrael and Pelegon you make your way to the Apocatherion where some Xheng unceremoniously dumps Azrael down onto one of the medical beds before ordering two of the apocathery Minoris's to deal with his wounds before he moves over to you and begins to look you up and down taking in your injuries before speaking. "Master, allow me to deal with your own injuries before you begin your work on the Iron Warrior and our company champion. If I do not reset your broken bones now then it will impede your work when you need to operate on them." Xheng removes his helmet and hands it off to one of the apocatherion's human staff and stares at you with his somewhat youthful face, being one of the last recruits to of been taken from Nostramo ten years prior to it being destroyed by the Night Lord Fleet. (Feel free to take control of Xheng in your post as he deals with your own wounds and helps you with Pelegon and Azrael. So talk to the both of them awell.)

While your own wounds are being taken care of Sergeant Nyx and one of his brother Terminators enters the apocatherion with their heavy footfalls ringing on the steel deck. "Corpse-Master, it is good to see you are relatively un-injured with your run in with the Raven Lord. Myself and Brother Azoth are here to make sure he." Second Claw's Sergeant motions to Pelegon. "Remains here to go under your knife and have his injuries dealt with." With that Nyx and Azoth stomp over to Pelegon and begin a conversation with him before man-handling him down onto one of the medical slabs when you are ready to operate on him. After the few hours in the apocatherion needed to deal with your own and the others wounds, you have time to reflect on all that has happened and even get a detailed report from Nyx who took over command while you and First Claw were aboard the 'Revenant. (Send me a message and we shall work out a conversation.) Though you also remember that Xandrek could of been injured and simply didn't bother to come to the Apocatherion so you could search your captain out.

Pelegon: Along with Xheng, Azrael and Veptus you make your way to the Apocatherion (Though with some reluctance, but it is an order from your 'captain') where some Xheng unceremoniously dumps Azrael down onto one of the medical beds before ordering two of the apocathery Minoris's to deal with his wounds and moves off to begin work on Veptus's wounds. You can see that the apocatherion only has a four apocatheries in it not including Xheng and Veptus which you guess are there to keep up the work of implanting the recruits with all the needed organs to turn them into marines and to also work in any emergencies while Veptus is not around. You would definitely feel a lot weaker from the lose of one of your hears but that is why legionaries have two so that the other one can compensate until a replacement has been implanted or a bionic used instead, you know that you could likely to get to the armory to make your own replacement like any true Iron Warrior but as begin thinking of leaving the Apocatherion the fully armoured form of Sergeant Nyx appears in the door way along with one of his terminator brothers.

Sergeant Nyx has a short conversation with Veptus before him and the other terminator make their way through the apocatherion over towards you and stops before you removing his helmet and handing it to the warrior next to him. "Greetings again Iron Warrior, not planning on doing anything foolish like leave the Apocatherion when your running on only one heart?" You would see that Nyx is very clearly of Terra with his dark brown hair and his slightly darker skin, his face would be considered handsome for a post-human with well proportioned features. "Myself and Brother Azoth" He motions to the warrior next to him inclines his head to you. "Are here to make sure you follow the Captain's orders and have your wounds seen to by our Master Apocathery." Nyx then motions to Veptus before he turns his gaze over your armour and begins to have a conversation with you until Veptus is ready to operate at which point you find Nyx and Azoth keeping you where you are before dragging you down onto the medical slab. After Veptus has seen to your wounds and replacing your damaged heart with a bionic one (which you can eventually get replaced by one of your own making) You find yourself with time to do what you wish seeing as Xandrek has not summoned you.

Serhiy: Upon returning to the 'Maiden' you find yourself with some free time as the others see to their wounds most notably Azrael and Pelegon who are by far the most injured of First claw. Though you notice that you have picked up a new comer to the group and by the looks of him also the company as you turn to see Kesh standing at the end of the 'Revenants' boarding ramp looking around the embarkation deck of the 'Maiden'. Or you could return to the Apocatherion to get another check up after once again using the weapons of a Destroyer along with giving Veptus an update on how effective his new grenades were, or potentially you could go to see Sergeant Phalx to see what he and the remaining marines of 10th Claw intend to do, as after their run with Corax there are now only four of them where originally there was ten meaning that their squad is now severely under strength for any upcoming engagements.

Seeing as the captain has not issued any specific orders for you or the others it means that you have time to do what it is you wish, though you know that you should head down to the armory and get any of your wargear repaired that is damaged along with re-arming yourself with more grenades though to get any replacements for the ones that Veptus created you would need to go and see him personally. For now you may do what you wish aboard of the 'Maiden' though it would be suggested to keep an eye on the new-comer as you have no idea which Company or squad he originally hailed from or if he is going to be any good for First Claw at all.

Tyberus: Upon returning to the 'Maiden' you find yourself with some free time as the others see to their wounds most notably Azrael and Pelegon who are by far the most injured of First claw. Though you notice that you have picked up a new comer to the group and by the looks of him also the company as you turn to see Kesh standing at the end of the 'Revenants' boarding ramp looking around the embarkation deck of the 'Maiden'. You can choose to find out exactly who this new comer is as it seems he was just swept up in the return of Fourth Company to its ship which even now you can see the other transports are on their way back to the 'Maiden'. Xandrek has disappeared off into the ship somewhere, most likely either the Armory, the Bridge or his own quarters without having given you any instructions.

You are free to choose where it is you wish to go and what it is you wish to do aboard the 'Maiden' until you receive orders from Xandrek, one of the benefits of being one of the Captain's Command Squad. You could stick around and follow the new-comer Kesh or you could go restock your own war-gear down in the armory or perhaps go to the Apocatherion to find out how long it will be until Azrael is back on his feet with his new bionics or if Xandrek will simply have him interred within the armoured shell of a Dreadnought. (What ever it is you want to do during this update you can. So feel free to talk with the other players aswell if you speak with them in-character.)

Kesh: Arriving on the 'Maiden of Sorrow' you look around the hanger bay of the ship that belongs to the Fourth Company, and realize that this is the ship that belongs to Captain Xandrek 'The Lord of Lies', a captain supposedly favored by the Primarch himself and as such received his title from him personally, you know that with the Eight Legions very strange form of politics that Xandrek answers only to the First Captain and the Primarch making him perhaps one of the best captains to serve under, something you and your old squad didn't do. (What company were you originally?) You see what appears to be a Destroyer and a member of the Captain's own First Claw standing there watching you as the other members of the squad head towards the Apocatherion with the Captain himself disappearing down one of the corridors no doubt to get himself some new armour which you saw had been torn off of him almost completely.

Also from what Xandrek said to you down on the planet it seems that your now simply apart of Fourth Company and his squad meaning that you might wish to walk with some of your new battle brothers to find out exactly who they are, what position within the company and the squad they hold before going into the ship in search of a cell to claim as your own and eject any of its current occupants before going down into the armoury and re-arming yourself with what ever weapons you wish to use and getting any damage on your armour repaired. (Feel free to work something out with the other players if you wish to have a conversation with them.)

Corvis: Upon arriving aboard the 'Maiden' all of First Claw splits up with Azrael, Veptus, Pelegon and Xheng heading to the Apocatherion but not before Xheng turns to speak with you. "Return to the Apocatherion when you are ready 'Young Blood' and I will once again see to that face of yours, with any luck I might be able to salvage some of your original appearance though you wouldn't win a Beauty contest with one of the Phoenician's powdered peacocks." Xheng says with an exhalation between his teeth and a slight raising and lowering of his shoulders which everyone who has even known Xheng has come to realize its the closest thing to a laugh that he gives, then again the Eighth Legion isn't known for its light-hearted jokes as almost all of the humor is morbid and/or fatalistic, spoken during battles or as partially but rather bluntly concealed insults.

You can either follow Xheng and the others in going to the apocatherion or you may simply wander around the ship as you wish, perhaps going to the armory to have your armour scene to by the tech-marines there and replenish your ammo stocks. You could attempt to find the Captain but what you have learnt since becoming part of First Claw is that you never find Xandrek when you are looking for him, he always finds you or simply has you summoned over the vox network and given that he didn't even give orders to Veptus it means that the 'Lord of Lies' has no wish to be disturbed at the moment. From what you understand though with Azrael's near-suicidal attempt to stop the Raven Lord he has done something to displease the Captain, perhaps Veptus will know?

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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