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Originally Posted by Words_of_Truth View Post
Personally I loved Loken during the first books, most people did and I was sad when it appeared he died. However I think his death set the scene for the rest of the heresy very well, he's return wasn't required imo.

I think the return of Loken could have easily of been switched with the return of Tarvitz and it would of made more sense to, he had a much better way of surviving than Loken did by simply heading to the shelter Rylanor disappeared into. Loken on the other hand was simply covered by rubble.

Not only that but we now also have another loyal Luna Wolf in the form of Severian, who is a lot more fitting of what the knight Errants require.

In the end, I don't think Loken has added anything meaningful to the series since his return, his death on the other hand a lot more meaning, more than I think Loken's return could ever out-achieve.
Tho i think loken will prove to be the most influential character during the seige. It will be him that makes aximand finally see what his legion has become. His tale is far from over

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