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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
The only ones I can think of as being similar are Grimauldus and Mephiston. Mephiston being a pseudo-daemon, and Grimauldus being protected by some pretty solid foundations on a near fortress world; which may or may not have been helped by the Emperor's guiding hand. Not world ending weaponry launched from high orbit fired by Astartes under the direct command of the Warmaster, second only to the Emperor himself, while the Emperor doesn't even know what's going on due to the storm's affecting astro-transmissions.
Pretty much, only they only had buildings fall on them.

Originally Posted by Garviel loken. View Post
Bud its 40k there are tons of examples of astartes or even primachs living through certain death
There's living through certain death. And then there's living through a city being REMOVED off the face off the planet. Whilst being in it. That isn't living through what is 99% chance of death. That's just utterly absurd. That would be like being at the impact point of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, only those weren't even utterly destroyed, so it's not even as bad as them.

If Loken is alive, then Tarvitz, Vipus, Rylanor and all the others should damn will still be alive as well. At least they were conscious and still able to move around. How should they be any more dead than Loken?
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