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I was just being regular aggressive But I am sorry, I did not mean to jump down your throat, but obviously, the negativity revolving around WFB is just compounding the anxiety that many of the fans are going through .The world is changing a lot, that's a shock as it is, to add negativity and strife on top of it only makes for..... more jangly nerves, but anyway:

Your theory sounds a interesting, but you must remember, 9th ed is going to be VERY similar to 8th ed, the skirmish game is only going to be a small secondary thing. As per the latest rumors.

My guess is...

Now that this thread is a bit more revived, let's get back to something more enlightening:

So the core rule books are always full of photos of models, everywhere. So, if the models are getting shaken up as much as the fluff.... what will be in the 9th ed core book?

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