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/Vulkan Lives

WE GET IT!!!! Salamanders like fucking fire. I'm imagining Kyme coming up with titles for other novels.

Scars, becomes - Fast Scars 'Upon bikes we whoop'
A Thousand Sons, becomes- Magic and Knowledge 'Abracadabra'
Legion, becomes - Spies within Spies 'A web of lies and scales'
Betrayer - Eater of Worlds 'Blood for the blood god'

And so on and so forth. Just take any Heresy title, break it down into the most unsubtle of Legion stereotypes and add a stupid blurb that further exaggerated stereotype. And there you have Kyme. His characters are similarly as easy to name. Wolfsbane McWolfson, Irondrak Anvilson, Ceaser Ultimus, Vlad Von Angeles, Spymaster Spyman.
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