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Originally Posted by ChaosRedCorsairLord View Post
Sorry to nitpick, but that's just wrong. Game of thrones is a self balancing game. As soon as one player starts doing well you're all just supposed to gang up on them until they're not doing well. Calling GoT 'broken' is like saying Munchkin isn't balanced.

Give the Dance of Dragons expansion a go. The Tyrells start off literally on the brink of victory, and I've still only seen them win a single game; even after 10+ games.
it isnt wrong, its fact, we have played the game many times, different players for each house and evey standard game baratheon won, regardless of which player was using them, it wasnt a matter of whos "doing well", not to mention its a well documented by loads of players, check the forums, the game is flawed.
i think i have the dance of dragons will give it a go, we have swapped to feast of crows as its much better balanced and we are getting different houses winning each game.

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