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nice boy, daft though !
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Originally Posted by Doom wolf View Post
Respect Kreuger !

That was a constructive post !

When I think about it, after the ever rising price, the rules where an aspect that I found disappointing in the third edition, and the sanitized aspect too.

In term of rules, I began with the 2nd edition, and trough the third to the fourth, it was feeling like an endless downward spiral. Things seemed to get better afterward, and when I found out about sixth and seventh edition, I was beginning wondering how many times will pass before they reinstate all the rules of the 2nd.
they will never return to second edition rules, the second edition rules worked so well because it was a far simpler game back then, vehicles were almost non existent, flyers didnt exists, it was a small skirmish game using mostly infantry and had fewer armies and a much smaller number of available units, the game has expanded to include a huge variety of of things people wanted including, people look back at these times when they were younger with nostalgia and rose tinted glasses,we cant go back, the rules are what they are, and the rules back then had problems too,there were broken units and loop holes and things that could be exploited and im sure if we looked hard enough there are in other wargames, hell i have been playing FFGs Game of thrones board game second edition and its broken to shit, i still love every single minute of it that i have played despite Baratheon winning every game.

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