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nice boy, daft though !
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Originally Posted by Doom wolf View Post
Jaded ? Heck, no !

The OP wanted to have an opinion if GW was doing right, I was just giving him my own. It just happen that I think they aren't doing right.

Now, the post who really pushed my berserk button was the one who said that we had to be grateful to have this hobby, whatever the price it demanded to us in money because some people in some poor world can't afford to buy themselves a meal.

It's smack me as an attempt to play on our inner culpability as an excuse to not critisize the economical politics of G.W. and accept whatever move they do to make more money.

Back earlier in the thread, you will find my first post here :


You made a point with the space marines trademark, but to me, you lost one with the "total free will" argument. I don't believe in "total free will" anyway. People make choice according to their capability, their mean and environnement, that doesn't stop them to feel frustration and anger when they know that the consequence of the self-fulfilling wish can be dire...

And truth is, yes, I can't afford this hobby because of it's prices of the mini. I'm not dirt poor, but I must make choice, and I've said it earlier, the price of the models just skyrocketing insanely for no reason at best, or outright lie at worse.

(I still laugh when I remember the one about a fantastic new material that accompanied the price rising of 20 or 25%... )

Oh yeah, and the Squat, I loved the Squat too...
why would you take up a hobby that you cant afford and then complain about the prices???

The prices GW set are not by accident, they are a publicly traded company and every year they post there results and they make very little in profit, they are not banking huge amounts of money and they are not doing anything that any other business out there doesnt do, they are producing models people want , the models are by far the best quality plastic models on the market, they have a vast and diverse range of armies in two settings giving you massive scope and make it easy to find an army for you and if you want to play for fun you can build and collect an army that is tottally unique to you.
You keep banging on about price rises, GW havent had a price rise on models already in the range for almost 3 years, granted some of the newer models have some hefty price tags, such as the new blood thirster , but when you compare the size of the model, the level of detail, the level of customisation and the sheer awesomeness factor it doesnt seem that expensive, its certainly far cheaper than the forgeworld version which it can almost see eye to eye with. Its also got a lot to compete with, the blood thirster is essentially a very generic deamon, based on tolkiens balrog/the Devil/ fire elemental, there are loads of third party versions and GW has released at least 2 versions in the past which despite common sense are still game legal, so this new Blood thirster has to compete for peoples money with all of the previous releases and third parties, this drives the price up further because the potential market is smaller.

but anyway, if you think GW is getting it wrong because of the prices thats your opinion

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