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Originally Posted by fatmantis View Post
well said..my point is that if people could present their complaints/opinions in a clear professional manner would they sit up and take notice? probably not..but when people complain and moan they way they do will that help any? definitely not.
The thing that people need to understand is GW is not a games company..yes there will be soooo many arguments to this..but at the end of the day they are a miniature company..the game is an excuse to buy more models..its all about perspective if you just look at this from a games point your always going to be unhappy..oh this is unfair etc etc.but if you look at it from the models perspective and getting to use these amazing models in a fun way then youll hopefully be happy as youll remember why you love painting etc. i hope that makes sense.
as ntaw said they take your money regardless..so its as you said a personal investment..either be happy with your investment or not.
Sorry, but that's a pretty lame excuse. Whether GW is a games or miniature company is irrelevant; the fact is they sell their rules for a price. It would be different if the 40k rules were something GW made available for free, however that's not the case. The 40k rules are a product that GW sells to us, they don't get to make and sell a substandard product without copping a bit of flak for it. They've written good rules in the past, so I don't see why they aren't able to do it again. I suspect the disregard for the game's rules and balance is due to the upper management being mostly made up of non-gamers, who fail to understand the benefits of spending resources to make sure the game's rules are simple, well written, and balanced.

Also I find it hilarious that you're blaming the "childish..spoilt or just whinny" fans. Of all the other game systems I play, I am yet to see any of them suffer from the utter vitriol that is directed at GW. Don't get me wrong, there are still little complaints and nitpicks, but nothing compared to what GW faces. Now you have to ask yourself, who is really to blame here? Is it just that fans love to hate on GW, or is it that for years GW has constantly upset and alienated it's fan base, whilst showing a complete disregard for fixing a poorly balanced ruleset?

In summary; I disagree.

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